Work from home ideas

Working from home isn’t for everyone, but it can be a fantastic was to earn money whilst staying home with the kids.  It’s challenging, but equally rewarding.



If you think working from home might be ideal for you, here are some work from home ideas to get you started:



Want to work from home but don't know where to begin? These 14+ work from home ideas will get you started.




Sell on auction sites


You could sell second hand items, or resell items bought in bulk.  Ebay is the biggest and most popular online auction site. Find out in this post how I make an extra $1000 a month selling on ebay.



Sell handmade items online


If you are crafty and make your own items, sell them on websites such as Etsy or Madeit.



Join Airtasker


Airtasker is a great new community where people post tasks they need done, whether it be locally or online, and you can then offer to do that task for a fee.  



Some members are reportedly earning up to $10,000 per month, so there is plenty of potential to make as little or as much money as you like on the platform.



Sell items on your own website


Whether your items are bought in bulk or handmade, you could sell them on your own website.  This is a little more complex than using websites such as eBay or Etsy, but you have full control over how you sell your items. 



Starting your own online store doesn’t need to cost too much, you will need a domain name and web hosting, then you can use WordPress to build your site, and add a free online cart plugin such as Woocommerce.



Sell at markets


With the large number of markets around, you could sell your products are markets on weekends.  If you are creative you could make your own items to sell, or alternatively source already made items and sell them at a profit.



Sell services


Are you talented and experienced in providing a particular service, such as consulting, writing, designing or computer programing?  You could offer your services online, using sites such as elance.



Affiliate marketing


This  involves you making money by promoting another businesses products/services, you will be paid once a sale has been made.  It’s a great way to make money online, as you don’t need to carry stock or actually provide a service yourself, but you will need to have an online following to promote the products to.



Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online and used by most 6 figure bloggers.  The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing eCourse is a great way to get started.



Develop an ebook

If you are knowledgeable on a certain subject, consider writing an ebook.  They are easy to make, you can even create one using Word and save it as a PDF when finished. 



You can then sell your ebook online, with little effort once the book has been written.  



Private mentoring


You could coach or teach in private lessons, either online or offline (or both).



Become a virtual assistant


You can make money by performing all of those task other businesses don’t have time to do, all from your own home.



Family day care


This is a great option if you love kids, you can look after other peoples kids in your own home!  Google family day care to find out more info applicable to your local area.



Start a blog


If there is a subject you are passionate about, consider starting a blog.  Once your blog gets a fair few followers and plenty of views, you could make money from ad sales, affiliate marketing, reviewing products etc. 



Try using platforms such as WordPress and blogger.  Check out 10 tips for launching a money making blog.



Become a mortgage broker


There are a few options on how to get started; become a contractor for a mortgage broking firm, buy a franchise or start your own firm, which would involve negotiating contracts with banks yourself, and then starting the search for clients.



Become a marriage celebrant


There is a lot of competition around now, due becoming a marriage celebrant being such a popular work from home option, but you can get started with just a certificate IV.

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