Woolworths Rewards vs Coles Flybuys Comparison

We have put together this Woolworths Rewards vs Coles Flybuys Comparison to help you decide which supermarket loyalty program suits your grocery shopping


Woolworths are currently rebranding their Everyday Rewards program as Woolworths Rewards, and are marketing the new program as a simpler, more convenient way to earn rewards.  After taking a quick look into how the new program works, we have discovered that it’s not really a ‘loyalty rewards program’ after all, but is really just replacing the current weekly specials.  We have put together this Woolworths Rewards vs Coles Flybuys Comparison to help you decide exactly which supermarket loyalty program suits your grocery shopping habits better.


The new ‘Woolworths Rewards’

Woolworths have been losing market share to Coles and are trying to turn their brand back around, and because giving Qantas Frequent Flyer points was costing so much money, the program has been axed.  Woolworths have stated that customers asked to simply receive money back as a loyalty reward, hence the new rewards program.  You can now accumulate ‘Woolworths Dollars’, which will automatically be taken off your next grocery shop once you reach the $10 Woolworths Dollars threshold.  This system doesn’t suit families who like to save up their points to use at a time when money is tight, for example Christmas time.




What Woolworths haven’t been quite as clear on upfront is that you don’t earn points for every dollar you spend at Woolworths, but you instead on earn ‘Woolworths Dollars’ on selected items which change each week.  These are likely to be brand name, high margin products that many families wouldn’t normally buy each week.  As you can see by the table below (scroll down to view it), the Woolworths Dollars are no better than usual weekly half price specials.  It is likely that Woolworths will stop offering the half price specials to every shopper and instead only offer them rewards card holders.  This doesn’t really benefit customers at all, and is definitely not rewarding loyalty.


How Coles FlyBuys compares

The Coles FlyBuys program rewards customers for every single dollar they spend in store, which can then either be converted to dollars of your grocery shop, or products from their rewards store.  The benefit of the FlyBuys dollars is that you choose when you convert point to money off your shop, so they can be saved up and used when money is tight.  $1 spent in store equals 1 point, with every 2000 points worth $10 off your shopping.  There are ways to boost your points balance quicker without having to buy certain products, including coupons sent out by post or printed on the ends of receipts.  These coupons include offers such as ‘spend $100 and get 1000 bonus points’ or ‘get triple FlyBuys points on your next shop’.


The current Woolworths catalogue (starting Wednesday 28th October) includes 2 pages of products earning Woolworths Dollars.  We compared these prices against the same item from the Coles online store (prices are often cheaper again in Coles stores).  Note that some of the Coles prices are weekly special prices, but that’s the point.  You can get the same discount if not better from Coles, without having to sign up to a rewards program to redeem the discount.  The below Woolworths prices are shown minus the Woolworths Dollars amount earned on each product.


Product                                                          Woolworths price                             Coles price

Be Natural Nut Delight 160g                     $4.25                                                   $4

McCain Baby Peas 1kg                                $4.19                                                   $4

Golden Circle Cordial 2L                            $2.50                                                  $2.50

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colour                    $13.49                                                $12

Arnott’s Tim Tam Bites 187-191g             $3.94                                                   $4.40

Palmolive Shower Gel 1L                           $7.70                                                   $8.49

Wrigley’s Eclipse Mints 34g                      $1.68                                                   2 for $3

Tip Top Cafe Toast Bread 650g               $3                                                         $2.90

Golden Crumpet Rounds 6pk                  $2                                                         $1.65


As you can see by the above comparison, most of the products earning Woolworths Dollars are already cheaper from Coles, plus purchasing from Coles would also mean you receive FlyBuys points on every dollar spent.  The new Woolworths program is really not offering any extra value to customers above the usual weekly catalogue specials, and it doesn’t seem as though it’s going to win Woolworths any new customers, who might instead be switching to Coles, Aldi or other smaller independent supermarkets.  Our recommendation between the big two supermarkets?  Shop at Coles and be rewarded for every dollar spent, no matter which brands or products your family purchases.




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