17 Ways you can save money this week


Want to save money, now? Try these 17 quick and easy ways you can save money now, and start seeing the savings add up straight away!


Need to save money this week?  Do some of the things on this list and watch the saving roll in.  The more you do, the more you will save.


Visit the library

Not only is the library great free entertainment for the kids , it’s also a great way to save money by borrowing instead of buying books, magazines and DVD’s.


Menu plan using only what you already have

Challenge yourself to create a menu plan for the week ahead using only what you already have on hand.  It’s amazing how many meals you can create when you force yourself  to get creative and only use what you already have.


Avoid all shops for a week

Following on from our last tip, instead of just avoiding the supermarket, avoid all stores for the next week.  Browsing the shops just encourages you to spend money on things you don’t really even need.


Only use cash

Hide the your debit/credit card for the week and only use cash.  It’s amazing how much more painful it is to spend money when you have to physically hand over cash.  It really forces you to rethink whether it’s a necessary purchase.


Ditch the dryer

If you have a dryer, try not using it.  It can be hard in the middle of winter, but an undercover clothes line or clothes airer should still get your clothes dry, for free!  I have never owned a dryer in my entire adult life, and there are only a few times during our Adelaide winters that I struggle to get the washing to dry.


Make your own cleaning products

I don’t use many grocery store cleaning products, and it saves me huge amounts of money.  Bicarb soda and white vinegar together can clean just about anything.  If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, try making this DIY orange vinegar cleaner.


Reuse something

Before you throw something out, consider if you could use it for another purpose. An old t-shirt might be perfect cut up into rags to use with your homemade cleaning products from the last tip.


Make a list of upcoming birthdays

By making a list of upcoming birthdays you can both set money aside ready to buy gifts, and keep an eye out for suitable gifts if you come across a sale.


DIY birthday and Christmas cards

This is a great activity to keep the kids busy.  Homemade cards are so much nicer than wasting money on store bought cards, and it could save quite a bit of money over a year.  I have seen greeting cards for $14.95, which is a crazy amount of money to spend on a piece of cardboard.  Save that money, or put it toward the gift.


Do a freezer inventory

It’s amazing what you can find hidden at the back of the freezer.  Grab a pen and piece of paper, and pull everything out of the freezer.  Write down everything in the freezer and stick the list the side of the fridge. Make an effort to use everything in the freezer before buying more.


Bake lunchbox snacks

It’s surprisingly easy to make lunchbox snacks, and the bonus is it’s cheaper than the store bought versions!  When it comes to making lunchbox snacks, the freezer is your best friend.  Make a few things each weekend, portion them and freeze, and they are ready to put straight into lunchboxes each morning.  Try these 12 freezer friendly lunchbox recipes to get started.


Cancel a subscription

Choose one subscription or membership this weekend and cancel it.  It might be pay tv or a magazine subscription.  The money savings will make it worth giving up that one thing.


Negotiate a bill

There are not too many utility and insurance providers that you can’t negotiate with.  Pick something like your electricity provider or even home loan provider, give them a call and ask for a better deal.  The worst they can do is say no!


Find something to sell

Most of us have a few things around the house that we no longer use.  Find something that you don’t need and sell it.  It’s amazing how much money you can make by selling things that are just sitting around collecting dust.


Double a meal

Choose a meal that freezes well and double the recipe.  Eat one half for dinner and freeze the other half for a night you don’t feel like cooking.  It will save you from a night of expensive takeaway.


Use less

This one especially applies to cleaning products.  Often using half the amount recommended on the package will give you the exact same results, and the bottle will last twice as long.


Switch to paperless

So many service providers are starting to charge to receive paper bills and statements.  Switch to paperless and save a few dollars per bill or statement.


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