14 Ways to save $10000 this year

By making a few small changes to your lifestyle, you could shave thousands of dollars from your budget every year. Our 14 ways to save $10000 a year will help you get there.


$10000 might seem like a lot, but it’s amazing how quickly small amounts of money can add up to very large amounts.  By making a few small changes to your lifestyle, you could shave thousands of dollars from your budget every year.


Below are 14 ways to save $10000 this year.  You might already be doing some of these, and they might not all be suitable for your lifestyle, but you are sure to find at the very least something that hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the course of the year.


Pay tv

There is no doubt that pay tv is expensive, but a package that includes a decent number of channels could be costing you $1620 a year.  With free to air tv offering more channels than ever before, and the new wave of tv streaming services, there is absolutely no need to be paying such a significant amount of money for tv.


Average saving – $1620/year


Change mobile phone plans

Whether you are a heavy or light mobile phone user, there is sure to be a plan or pay as you go service that will save you some serious money.


If you are a heavy user, look for an unlimited plan that includes all calls, texts and a decent amount if data in one monthly fee.  If you only use your phone occasionally, a pay as you go service might be better value for you than a pricey mobile plan.  I personally use Amaysim who have a great range of as you go and unlimited plans, along with my 4 year old phone that still works great, savings me hundreds of dollars every year.  You can check out the Amaysim range here.


Average saving – $550/year


Cut your own hair

With a decent pair of hair scissors and a little YouTube help you can easily cut your own hair.  There are a huge number of YouTube tutorials that demonstrate how to cut hair into a range of style, so if you don’t have a hairstyle that’s too involved this could be a great way to save money.  If you like to colour your hair and once again don’t require anything too difficult, head to the supermarket and check out their range of hair dyes, which can generally be picked up for as little as $10.


Average saving – $960/year


Switch cleaning products

Instead of stocking up on cleaning products from the cleaning isle, switch to bi-carb, vinegar and microfibre cleaning cloths.  Bi-carb and vinegar can be used to clean just about anything, and in most cases does a better job than packaged cleaning products.  If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, try our DIY orange vinegar cleaner.


Average saving – $240/year


Compare insurance quotes

A lot can change in a year, and insurance premiums seem to increase by a significant amount some years, with no real visible reason why.  Every year when your insurance renewals arrive, take the time to look over the renewals, and do a few quotes online to be sure that you are still getting the best deal.


I switched car insurance for both our cars last year and saved around $250 per car, and saved around $400 when switching our home and contents insurance a few years back.  The savings are well worth the small amount of time and effort it takes to shop around.


Average saving – $600/year


Revisit your supermarket habits

Where you live and the amount of local competition plays a huge part in the price of groceries in your local area.  If you do live somewhere with plenty of choice, look around your area to see if there are shopping options that could be saving you money.  There are some fantastic fruit and vegetable shops and butchers around that offer specials far better than the major supermarkets provide.


If you have an Aldi nearby, you could save hundreds if not thousands per year by switching some or all off your grocery shopping to Aldi.  They recently opened here in Adelaide and I have noticed a significant difference in the total price of my trolley when I do shop at Aldi.


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Average saving – $1560/year


Eat out less often

While it might seem like small amounts of money here and there, eating out often adds up to a significant yearly expense, and is far more expensive than eating at home.  Depending on the places you eat, eating out on one less occasion each month could save you $40+ per month.  The trick is to make fake takeaway meals at home, or replicate your favourite restaurant meals, so that it feels as though you are still having something special instead.  You might find that your version is better anyway, and the bonus is you know exactly what’s in it.


Average saving – $480


Start a blog

While this isn’t exactly a way to cut expenses, starting a blog is a way to boost your income, which is much the same thing.  Blogging is a great hobby, and has the bonus of also potentially providing you with more cash to boost your savings.  I earn an income from blogging full time, while also having the flexibility to spend time with my kids.


If you are interested in starting a blog, take a look at my tutorial how to start a blog.  Starting a blog is extremely budget friendly; get hosting for only $3.95/month plus a free domain name when you click through this Siteground link.


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Get rid of the gym membership

Unless you are extremely dedicated and do get more than your moneys worth out of your gym membership, it’s probably not worth the often very high monthly fee.  How many people do you of joining the gym, only to stop going after the first few weeks, yet they continue to remain a member?  Joining a gym isn’t the only way to stay fit.  Get outside for a walk or run, or use the exercise equipment at your local park.


Average saving – $720/year


Try meal planning

If you haven’t yet tried meal planning, you might not realise just how much money it can save you.  Most people throw away huge amounts of food, simply because they don’t plan how they are going to use the groceries they buy.  By taking the time to plan your meals for the week again, you will know exactly what you need when you hit the supermarket, which which you wont end up with a trolley full of random items just because you have no idea what to make for dinner.


Average saving – $1200/year


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DIY beauty

Depending on the brands you buy, there is often a massive markup on skincare products.  While you might still need to buy some products, there are many that you can easily make yourself, using ingredients from your kitchen.  Body scrub is one product that is often very overpriced for what it is.  I make my own DIY coffee body scrub using only 3 ingredient; sugar, ground coffee and olive oil.  Dry shampoo is another expensive item, so I make my own DIY brunette dry shampoo using cornflour and cocoa powder.


Average saving – $480/year


Use your library

Why pay for books, DVDs and magazines when you can get them for free?  Most libraries have the ability to reserve items online, which means that you can place a hold on any books or DVDs you are interested in, and you will be notified once they are ready for pickup.  My local library even has a free online magazine service, where you can read a huge number of magazines online, using any device, including the most recent issues.  Libraries have the potential to save you hundreds if not thousands on entertainment expenses.


Average savings – $840/year


Stop buying soft drinks

Bottled drinks are not only expensive when compared with tap water, but they also aren’t the best for your health.  Switching from bottled drinks to tap water will save you hundreds of dollars per year, which can be put toward much more exciting purchases.  If you don’t like the taste of tap water, consider a water filter.   I have a fridge with a built in water filter and it improves the taste of the water so much.


Average savings – $780/year


Switch off appliances at the wall

Last year I made an effort to start switching off my appliances off at the wall once I was finished with them, and I was shocked at the difference it made to my electricity bill.  A few simple changes cut my electricity bill in half!  There is no point forking out money to power those tiny little lights on appliances, so switch them off a the powerpoint and enjoy the savings when you next bill arrives.


Average savings – $400/year


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