11 Ways to save for a family holiday

Going on family vacation is always fun, but it an get expensive. These 11 Ways To Save for A Family Holiday will help.


So you want to go on a family holiday, but could do with a little extra cash first?  Family getaways can be expensive, but the times you pay for flights, accommodation, attraction and all the extras, but they are worth the expensive.  After all, you can’t put a price on precious family memories.  These 11 Ways to save for a family holiday will have you jetting off in to time.


Lower your holiday costs

The best thing you could do to make it easier to save for your family holiday is to first lower the cost of the actual holiday.  That means there is less money that you actually need to save up in the first place, but what it doesn’t mean is that your holiday will be any less fun.


Find cheap flights

Unless your destination is close enough that you can drive, you are going to need flights, and these can get pricey when paying for a family.  If you keep an eye out for sales it’s possible to get flights at a significant discount.  Once you have decided on your destination watch out for sales from the airlines that fly that route.  You have even more chance of scoring a great deal if you can be a little flexible on flight dates and times.


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Hire an apartment

Booking a hotel room can get pretty expensive when booking for a family of 4, and even more so if you have more than 2 kids.  Depending on your destination, an apartment will often work out cheaper up front, but will also save money on food costs, as you can then cook your cook your own meals.


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Make your own food

Food is an area you can save massive amounts of money on.  If your family ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks, your food bill for the duration of your holiday could run into the thousands.  While it’s nice to eat out, it gets a little old doing it for every meal, so have eat breakfast in your apartment or hotel room if you can, and prepare your own lunch and snacks to take with you during the day.


Look for free attractions

You don’t have to pay top dollar for attractions, often with a little research you can find great attractions or experiences for free or a small charge.  If you are visiting an expensive attraction, do a quick search online to see if you can find a discount.  Experience Oz if a great place to start, they often have adults at kids prices deals on top attractions.


Consider a cruise

Our family absolutely loves cruising.  It’s the perfect family holiday; the kids have the kids club to keep the occupied, all cleaning and meals are done for you, and you get to wake up to a different destination every day.  Cruise are also excellent value for money, especially if you live nearby to the departure port.


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Cut expenses

Now that you have got your holiday costs down, it’s time to cut expenses at home to free up some spare cash.


Eat out less often

If you are a family that likes to eat out, this could be an area to save a bit of money.  Try making a meal at home and then heading to a park to have a picnic instead, or get creative in the kitchen and recreate your favourite restaurant meals.


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Only buy essentials

Cut back on the non-essential purchases, after all every dollar saved gets you closer to that holiday.  Before you buy anything, ask yourself if you really need it.  When it comes to big ticket items, head home to think about it for 48 hours, to give yourself time to decide if it’s something you really need at this point in time.


Cut the pay tv

If you have pay tv, consider cutting it.  Pay tv can be extremely expensive, and there are so many other fantastic alternatives that cost a fraction of the price, like the many streaming services around at the moment.  This might save you $100 a month, which adds up to a massive $1200 per year saved.


Save more money

Finally, boost your savings by finding any spare cash you can.


Sell anything and everything you don’t need

We all have things sitting around the house that we have been meaning to get rid of, but just can’t find the motivation. Now is the time to sell those items and put the money toward your family holiday.


Take part in a money saving challenge

There are plenty of money saving challenges you can try, all designed to help you boost your savings and have a little fun at the same time.  Try the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge,  or the One Percent Money Saving Challenge.


Making extra money in your spare time

The internet makes it easier than ever to make extra cash in your spare time.  One of the best ways to do this is a site called Airtasker, where people can post jobs they need doing, whether locally or online.


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