7 Ways to get free baby nappies

7 Ways to get free baby nappies or diapers


On average, your baby will go through at least 6000 nappies before they toilet train, which could add up to $2500 or more.  That’s a huge amount of money!  To help ease the costs a little for your family, we have put together these 7 ways to get free baby nappies.


1. Free samples

Most if not all of the large nappy brands will send out free samples of their nappies for you to try, and while it wont supply you with enough nappies to last the long term, you could end up with enough free nappies to last you a week or so.  As well as the link to free nappy samples below, also check out the many samples bags you will end up with when you give birth to your baby, both from the hospital and major baby stores.



2. Cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are something I used for a period of time with my first born.  You can choose between the old style flat white cloth nappies, or the newer modern cloth nappies.  The setup costs of modern cloth nappies can run into the hundreds, but once you have them you are set, and they will possibly even still be in good enough condition for subsequent babies.  Once your children toilet train, you can even try selling your nappy collection as a second hand bundle, which is what I did.


3. Nappy banks

If you are in a tough financial position and really can’t stretch the budget far enough to afford nappies, there are some fantastic nappy banks and services around to ensure your baby doesn’t go without.  Try contacting these organisations that The Nappy Collective supplies.


4. Nappy free

In some cultures overseas, going nappy free from a young age is the done thing, and it’s not unusual for babies to be completely out of nappies around the 18-24 months of age mark.  Some people even begin toilet training in the first few months of their babies lives, known as ‘communication elimination’.  It’s a method that would require a fair amount of dedication, and is definitely not for everyone.  It’s an option that might be worth looking into if it would be the difference between putting food on the table or going without.


5. Become a nappy ambassador

If you know a lot of mums with babies still in nappies, you can receive free nappies by referring those mums to by a particular brand of nappies.  Naty ambassadors receive a free sample bag of nappies when they refer 3 or more mums.


6. FlyBuys dollars

If you are a Coles shopper for your groceries chances are you have a FlyBuys card.  You can use the points you receive every time you grocery shop and convert them to FlyBuys dollars, which you can then use to buy nappies.


7. Join a loyalty program

Some nappy loyalty programs will give you free nappies when you make a certain number of purchases, while others such as the Pampers loyalty program give you a lifetime percentage of future orders.

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