Unicorn Jelly Cheesecake Slice

This Unicorn Jelly Slice is perfect for unicorn themed parties. It's super simple to make and is packed full of flavour.


Our Jelly Slice has always been one of the most popular recipes on our website, and I get the feeling this rainbow coloured Unicorn Jelly Cheesecake Slice is set to be just as popular.  It’s the perfect treat for unicorn themed birthday parties.


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To make the slice, first line a slice tin with baking paper and set aside.  Crush a packet of scotch finger biscuits(or any other plain biscuits) in a food processor, then stir through melted butter and spoon into the prepared slice tin.  Press the biscuit mixture down firmly using the back of a spoon or your fingers.  Place in the fridge to set while you get started on the jelly layers.


The next step is repeated four times, one for each coloured layer.  To make the first layer, add a tub of cream cheese to a food processor and process until smooth.  Next, add a packet of jelly crystals to 1/2 boiling water and stir with a fork until completely dissolved.  Add the jelly mixture to the cream cheese and process once again until the jelly and cream cheese are well combined.  Pour the mixture over the base and smooth.  Place in the freezer to set while you make a start on the next layer.  Repeat 3 more times.


The slice can be left as is, or topped with sprinkles once the last layer has been poured in.  Slice into squares, and keep refrigerated.


Unicorn Jelly Cheesecake Slice

Unicorn Jelly Cheesecake Slice


  • 250g packet scotch finger biscuits
  • 125g butter, melted
  • 4 x 250g tubs cream cheese
  • 4 x packets jelly (pink, purple, blue and yellow)
  • Sprinkles, to decorate


Line a slice tin with baking paper and set aside.
Crush the biscuits in a food processor, then stir through the melted butter until well combined. Press the biscuit mixture firmly into the lined slice tin. Place in the fridge to set.
Wipe out the food processor bowl, then add 1 tub of cream cheese. Process until smooth. Meanwhile, mix 1 packet of jelly crystals with 1/2 cup boiling water and stir with a fork until the crystals have dissolved. Pour the jelly mixture into the cream cheese and process until well combined. Pour over the biscuit base and place in the fridge to set.
Repeat the above step with the remaining 3 packets of jelly crystals. Top with sprinkles before serving.

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