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10 Types of clutter clogging up your home

Ever started to declutter your home, but then got stuck on items that you just can't make up your mind whether to keep or not?  Then before you know it decluttering seems to difficult and gets put in the too hard basket?  Here are a few tips to help you declutter the very common 10 types of clutter clogging up your home.



Ever started to declutter your home, but then got stuck on items that you just can’t make up your mind whether to keep or not?  Then before you know it decluttering seems to difficult and gets put in the too hard basket?


Here are a few tips to help you declutter the very common 10 types of clutter clogging up your home, including those items that you are holding onto yet you know you really shouldn’t be.


Items you feel like you should use


You might feel like you ‘should’ use it, but the reality is that it’s not being used.  If you just can’t get rid of it yet, give yourself a timeline to use it, for example 3 months.  If you still haven’t used it in that timeframe, then it needs to go.


Gifts you wish you hadn’t received


This is something we have all experienced at some stage.  These are gifts that you just aren’t really you and are just sitting around unused, but you feel like you can’t throw them away since they were after all a gift.


It’s ok to give these types of gifts away.  Find someone who will love it and get use out of it, or donate it.  You might feel guilty, but tell yourself that it’s the gesture that meant something to you, not the actual gift itself.


Items you spent too much money on, yet you never use


This is yet another really common reason for holding on to things.  When you have spend a large amount of money on something, it makes it very difficult to let it go, even if it never gets used or you simply no longer like it.  However holding onto that item indefinitely won’t bring the money back.


Sometimes we need to just cut our losses and let the item go, and let it be a lesson learned to think more carefully before spending large amounts of money on particular items that might now be worth it in the long run.  You could always sell the item to recoup some of your losses, but don’t be afraid to give it away or donate it.  It will hurt a little, but you will feel so much better once you do.


Things that are stained, broken or no longer work


If you are going to fix something, fix is right away or get rid of it.  There is nothing worse than having something sitting around your home reminding you of everything you need to get done, yet they just never get fixed,


Items that have been passed down as heirlooms


Hold on to the things that represent a person that you love, but not absolutely everything.  If the item meant something to that person, it’s worth holding on to.  However, if it’s something that always sat in a cupboard unused, it’s not worth keeping.


Keepsakes from your own life that you don’t love


Some people hold onto everything, even items from their childhood.  As the years go by, that adds up to a whole lot of stuff that you might be holding on to.  Sure, if it really means something to you then keep it, but if it’s something you are keeping just because it was yours as a kid, or you think you might want to give it to your kids some day (when you don’t even have kids yet), then let it go.


Kid clutter


Kids come with a whole lot of stuff, and as they grow it can be hard to let go of the items from their baby and toddler years.  The reality is, they are going to be kids for 18 years and there will continuously be items that you want to hold onto from each stage of their childhood.  But that’s going to eventually add up to a whole lot of stuff.


Rather than keep tubs upon tubs of baby clothes and toys (ignore this if you plan of having more babies), just keep a few of your favourite items and give the rest away.  No one expects you to throw away absolutely everything, but one or two cute outfits is more than enough to remind you of how small your child once was.


Ditch the duplicates


Do you keep duplicate items, just in case?  So many of us do it, whether it be items of clothing or kitchen utensils, but there is really no need to have more than one of something, if it’s something that you typically only use one of at a time.


For example, if you have two pairs of almost identical blue jeans, with one pair that fits better than the other, you are always going to reach for that pair that fits better.  If you have a great fitting pair, why would you instead reach for the ill-fitting pair?  In that situation, ditch the ill-fitting pair and just keep your favourite.


Uncomfortable items


We all have items in our wardrobe that are just plain uncomfortable to wear, yet we hold onto them because we paid good money for them.  But is there really any point holding onto an items that you don’t like?


If an items barely ever gets used because it’s uncomfortable, ditch it.  It might be a shirt that just doesn’t fit nicely and you don’t feel good in it, or a chair that never gets used because it’s just plain uncomfortable to sit in.  There is little point keeping anything that doesn’t feel great to use.


Unnecessary pieces of paper


It might be a menu for a local takeaway shop, or a paper bill that you can easily access by logging into your online account.  If a piece of paper contains information that you can access online in an instant, you probably don’t need to hold into it.  It just adds to the clutter, and chances are you will be much more likely to reach for your phone to quickly look something up rather than search for a piece of paper that holds the same information.



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