The top money tips of 2016

As voted by you, these are the top 11 money tips of 2016, including ways to save money, make money and cut everyday expenses.


As voted by you, these are the top 11 money saving posts on our website for 2016.



Survey sites can be a great way to earn an extra income in your spare time. Find out how I earn $250/month with these 8 survey sites.


How I earn $250/month with these 8 survey sites

While surveys can take a little time, the are a great way to earn a little extra cash while you are sitting around watching tv.  In this article I share the 8 best survey sites, including my favourite site.

Read it if you want to earn a little extra cash.



It's time break the cycle, and learn how to stop living pay to pay

How to stop living pay to pay

Living pay to pay is a problem that affects a huge number of families, whether they have high, low or somewhere in between incomes.  It’s easy to get used to spending every little last cent of your pay, but it’s the quickest way to ensure you also never save for your future.  Breaking the habit of living pay to pay will be the best thing you ever do!

Read it if you find yourself with next to no cash left over at the end of each pay period, no matter what you income.



Increasing your wealth is easier than you think! Follow these 7 SIMPLE HABITS THAT WILL MAKE YOU RICH and you will be well on your way

7 simple habits that will make you rich

Your money habits can make or break your financial situation.  Getting into the right mind frame and creating healthy money habits could make a massive difference to your financial future.

Read it if you find yourself making less than great choices when it comes to your money but keep making the same choices just because it’s habit.



Going on family vacation is always fun, but it an get expensive. These 11 Ways To Save for A Family Holiday will help.

11 ways to save for a family holiday

Holiday’s don’t have to be expensive.  We make it a priority to take at least one family holiday a year, and we make it possible by ensuring we research and get the absolute best price for part of the holiday we book.  These tips will help you lower the cost of the actual holiday, and find ways to cut expenses and save more money to help fund the holiday.

Read it if you want to take a family holiday, but need a little help to pay for it.



Saving money on a minimum wage might seem impossible, but it can be done. These 10 Ways to save money on a low income will help you boost your savings.

10 ways to save on a low income

Making sure all the bills are paid with a little left over each week is without a doubt tough, but it’s still possible to save on a low income.  It doesn’t matter if you are not saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month, as long as you are putting something aside. even if it’s only a few dollars per week.

Read it if you are on a low income and struggling to save money




How we save $60000 a year on a $125k income

How we save $60000 a year

2016 was a big year for my business, part of which was thanks to an article that was published in newspapers across Australia.  The article attracted a lot of attention, both positive and negative, so I wrote this post to explain exactly how we save what we do.

Read it if you want real life tips on how to increase your savings




Aldi comparison - Is Aldi the cheapest supermarket?

Aldi comparison – is it the cheapest supermarket

2016 saw Aldi open it’s doors for the first time in South Australia.  It’s safe to say with a new store a few minutes from my home, I’m now an Aldi addict and do 99% of my grocery shopping at Aldi.  Earlier in the year I decided to do a comparison to see just how much money I could save by shopping at Aldi, and the result surprised me!

Read it if you are curious to know exactly how much money you could save by shopping at Aldi.



The ultimate list of free Australian baby samples

Ultimate list of free Australian baby samples

Everyones loves freebies, which is why I put together this list of free baby samples.  It’s easy to spend huge amounts of money purchasing baby products, only to find that they don’t suits your babies needs anyway, so trying free samples before making a purchase is a great way to save money.  This is especially true for nappies, where the same nappy could fit completely differently on two different babies.

Read it if you want to know how to get free baby samples




After receiving some huge bills it was time to actively try reduce our electricity usage, and it worked! Find out how we halved our electricity bill.

How I halved my electricity bill

After getting fed up at my every increasing electricity bill, I thought I would try some of those ‘reducing your electricity bill’ tips you always see in articles.  I was shocked when my next bill arrived and I had actually cut my bill in half!  I decided to share exactly how I did it to hopefully inspire some of my readers to do the same.

Read it if you want to reduce your electricity bill




Frugal people know what's worth paying for and what isn't, and how to get the things they want and need for free! Each of these 9 Things frugal people don't pay for are sure to save you money.

9 things frugal people don’t pay for

It’s often assumed to ‘rich’ people spend endless amounts of money, but the truth is more often than not they are actually careful about the things they spend money on.  This list contains things that frugal people don’t pay for, given that there are generally alternatives available that won’t cost you a cent.

Read it if you want tips on what’s worth paying for and what isn’t.



Don't like to save money? Here's 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Shop At Aldi

7 reasons you shouldn’t shop at Aldi

Don’t like to save money?  Then your probably shouldn’t shop at Aldi!  This was by far the most popular post of the year, judging by the Facebook comments it made many people laugh.  Just be warned before you read it; yes it is a ‘tongue in cheek’ article, and no it’s not a paid Aldi advertisement.

Read it if you want a laugh.

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