Top 20 Recipes of 2015

These TOP 20 RECIPES FOR 2015 are the most viewed recipes on our site, all easy and budget friendly

Presenting the 20 recipes on our site with the highest pageviews for 2015.  Any guesses what the favourite recipes was?  Scroll down to find out.


#20 – Homemade Ice Magic

Rather than buying Ice Magic, make your own for a fraction of the price.  You can alter the flavour by using different varieties of chocolate, and the bonus is you know exactly what is in it!


This HOMEMADE ICE MAGIC is so much more budget friendly than the bottle variety, and it tastes great

#19 – Easy Corn Fritters

These easy fritters make a great snack or even dinner if you had some salad on the side, and they are a great way to smuggle veggies without the kids knowing.


These EASY CORN FRITTERS make a great snack or even dinner with a salad on the side, and are a great way to hide veggies from the kids

#18 – Chocolate Caramello Slice

This addictive slice uses a block of Cadbury Caramello chocolate, so it doesn’t really take any explaining to get across just how good this slice is.


Chocolate Caramello Slice

#17 – Wagon Wheel Slice

This slice tastes just like the Wagon Wheel biscuits that used to be popular.  It’s super easy to make, even the homemade marshmallow.


This WAGON WHEEL SLICE taste just like the original biscuits, and is super easy to make

#16 – Easy Spinach and Tomato Tortellini

This is the ultimate meal for those nights you need dinner on the table fast.  It’s frugal, filling and delicious.


This EASY SPINACH AND TOMATO TORTELLINI is the ultimate meal for those nights you need dinner on the table fast. It's frugal, filling and delicious

#15 – Homemade Tiny Teddy Biscuits

Don’t buy expensive packets of Tiny Teddy biscuits for the kids, make them yourself instead.  It’s a fun activity for the kids, and they are very budget friendly.


Homemade Tiny Teddy Biscuits Recipe

#14 – Weetbix Marshmallow Slice

This extremely popular slice starts with a Weetbix base, and is topped with light and fluffy marshmallow.


Weetbix Marshmallow Slice

#13 – Jelly Slice

Jelly slice is such an ever popular favourite.  It’s a no bake slice so it can be whipped up in no time at all, and is always a hit at birthday parties.


Jelly Slice

#12 – 4 Ingredient Beetroot Brownies

Beetroot is such a great vegetable to bake with; it adds and amazing rich colour to everything it touches, and has such a nice, sweet taste.  These easy brownies are a great way to give beetroot baking a try.


These 4 INGREDIENT BEETROOT BROWNIES are such a pretty colour, and are super easy to make

#11 – 100 Biscuit for less than $6

This recipe will never lose it’s popularity, and for good reason.  Bake a batch of these biscuits and pop them in the freezer for ready made snacks, and all for under $6 per batch.


Bulk Biscuits 100 biscuits for 6 cents each or less than $6 a batch

#10 – Easy Caramel Slice

This great slice recipe is made all in the one slice tin, making for a quick clean up.  It tastes amazing for something so simple.


This EASY CARAMEL SLICE is made in the slice tin, saving on washing up


#9 – Milo Slice

This one bowl slice is the perfect dessert for Milo lovers, chocolate lovers for that matter too.


This easy MILO SLICE is the perfect dessert for Milo lovers, chocolate addicts too

#8 – Chocolate Coconut Slice

This is yet another easy slice, perfect for parties and get togethers.  This no bake slice has an easy to put together base and is topped with a layer of chocolate.


Chocolate Coconut Slice

#7 – Christmas Tree Meringues

This recipe is one of the latest on our site but has been extremely popular this Christmas, with many of our readers commenting on our Facebook page just how much they love it.  Bookmark it for next Christmas!


Christmas Tree Meringues recipe

#6 – 3 Ingredient Apricot Balls

These apricot balls are fairly healthy and make a great lunchbox snack.  Make a bulk batch and pop them in the freezer ready for those snack cravings.


3 ingredient apricot balls

#5 – Easy 4 Ingredient Pikelets

These pikelets are another budget friendly snack idea, and they are great for freezing.  Top with Nutella, jam and cream or just eat them as they are.


Easy 4 ingredient pikelets

#4 – Easy Vanilla Slice

This is the easiest vanilla slice recipe you will ever make, and it’s super delicious.  This recipe is a must try, just don’t expect it to last long.


This EASY VANILLA SLICE recipe is the easiest to will every find, and possibly the best too

#3 – Weetbix Slice

This slice is an old favourite.  It starts with a chocolate flavoured Weetbix base, and is topped with a layer of chocolate.


Weetbix Slice

#2 – 2 Ingredient Nutella Cake

This recipe is so popular for a reason.  It uses only 2 ingredients, Nutella and eggs, and tastes so good.


2 ingredient Nutella cake

#1 – Lemon Coconut Slice

Now for our number one most viewed recipe this year!  Our very delicious lemon coconut slice, there is not much to say about this easy slice other than you must give it a go!


This LEMON COCONUT SLICE is so easy yet so delicious, it's a must try no bake dessert




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