Top 10 most viewed recipes of 2017

These are the recipes that had the most views on Bargain Mums, and went crazy on Pinterest. Find our top 10 most viewed recipes of 2017 here.


It’s hard to believe that yet another year is over!  It’s always fun to go back over the website statistics for the past year and see what posts were the most popular.  I also love to publish these best of posts at the beginning of each year, and I’m sure you enjoy taking a glimpse into what other readers were reading and cooking over the past year too!


Recipes are among the most viewed posts on our website, and it’s pretty clear which recipes are considered the favourites.  All 10 of the most viewed recipes over the past year were sweet, and half of them were slices.  I also thought it was interesting that none of the top 10 recipes were published in 2017; The top recipes stay favourites year after year.


Now it’s time to get baking and find out just why our top 10 recipes are so popular.  Click on each image for the recipes, and enjoy!


This 2 Ingredient Nutella Cake is the easiest cake you will ever bake. All you need are eggs and Nutella.


10. 2 Ingredient Nutella Cake

This Nutella cake is one of my all time favourites, and clearly I’m not the only one.  It’s been shared more than 7,100 times on Pinterest so far.  It’s as easy as they come with only 2 ingredients, contains no added flour or dairy, and tastes amazing.  If you have a jar of Nutella in the cupboard and a few eggs in the fridge, you can whip up this super simple cake in no time.


Find the 2 Ingredient Nutella Cake recipe here.


This VANILLA MAGIC CUSTARD CAKE magically separates into 3 layers when baked


9. Vanilla Magic Custard Cake

This magic custard cake is great for something a little different.  When baked, the cake magically separates into 3 layers, a fudgy layer, custard layer and light cake layer.  All from the one batter!


Find the Vanilla Magic Custard Cake recipe here.

Sugar Free Banana Muffins


8. Sugar Free Banana Muffins

Baking doesn’t have to be loaded with sugar.  These muffins taste just as good as any other banana muffin recipe, yet they contain no added sugar whatsoever.  The secret is to use very over-ripe bananas, which contain enough natural sugars to flavour the muffins.


Find the Sugar Free Banana Muffins recipe here.



3 ingredient apricot balls


7. 3 Ingredient Apricot Balls

These apricot balls are perfect for making in bulk and freezing.  I freeze them in a zip lock bag, then take a few out each morning and add them to lunch boxes.  They are the perfect little on the go snack.


Find the 3 Ingredient Apricot Balls recipe here.


This LEMON COCONUT SLICE is so easy yet so delicious, it's a must try no bake dessert


6. Lemon Coconut Slice

This lemon coconut slice is an old favourite that never disappoints.  It’s quick, easy and best of all doesn’t need baking!


Find the Lemon Coconut Slice recipe here.


This WAGON WHEEL SLICE taste just like the original biscuits, and is super easy to make


5. Wagon Wheel Slice

This delicious slice tastes just like a giant wagon wheel.  It starts with a biscuit layer, and is then topped with raspberry jam, marshmallow and chocolate.


Find the Wagon Wheel Slice here.


Christmas Tree Meringues recipe


4. Christmas Tree Meringues

These meringues are our most popular Christmas recipe to date, with over 12,000 Pinterest shares.  They are so easy to make, yet look amazing on the Christmas table.  They are great made with both our egg and egg-free meringue recipes.


Find the Christmas Tree Meringues recipe here.


This EASY VANILLA SLICE recipe is the easiest to will every find, and possibly the best too


3. Easy Vanilla Slice

This recipe is one of my all time favourites.  Vanilla slice is delicious, but it can be a little messy and tricky when making it the standard way.  Our vanilla slice uses a few short cuts, which mean you can have the slice together in a matter of minutes.  Best of all, it tastes just as good, if not better, then more difficult recipes.


Find the Easy Vanilla Slice recipe here.


This easy MILO SLICE is the perfect dessert for Milo lovers, chocolate addicts too


2. Milo Slice

Another popular recipe with over 13,000 Pinterest shares.  This Milo slice is perfect for lunch boxes, and is great both with and without icing, or even just drizzled with melted chocolate.  Yum!


Find our Milo Slice recipe here.


Weetbix Slice


1. Weetbix Slice

Taking out the top spot as the most popular recipe for 2017 is our ever popular Weetbix Slice.  It goes without saying, this slice is a must try.


Find our Weetbix Slice recipe here.



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