Top 10 Money Saving Posts of 2015

There are some amazing money saving tips in these TOP 10 MONEY SAVING POSTS OF 2015


2015 has been a huge year for Bargain Mums with the popularity of our money saving posts skyrocketing on both Facebook and especially Pinterest.  We thought it would be fun to put together a post containing our most popular posts of the year, so here are our top 10 money savings posts of 2015.


#10 – 5 Tips to save even more on groceries

So you are pretty good at shopping to a budget, but want to cut down your grocery bill even further?  Try these 5 tips to save even more on groceries.


5 Tips to save even more on groceries

#9 – 5 Secrets to becoming debt free

Getting out of debt is hard and takes some serious dedication.  If you want to get debt free in 2016, these 5 secrets will help you get started.


Want to get out of debt (and stay that way)? Take a look at these 5 SECRETS TO BECOMING DEBT FREE

#8 – 7 Simple habits that will make you rich

Many people become rich simply because of the healthy money habits they develop.  Follow these 7 simple habits and you could be well on your way.


Increasing your wealth is easier than you think! Follow these 7 SIMPLE HABITS THAT WILL MAKE YOU RICH and you will be well on your way

#7 – 4 Tips to keep your home clutter free

Are you drowning in stuff?  These 4 tips to keep your home clutter free will help you keep your clutter under control.


Drowning in stuff? These 4 TIPS TO KEEP YOUR HOME CLUTTER FREE will help keep it under control

#6 – 5 Budgeting tips that actually work

You have probably heard the usual budgeting tips; don’t buy coffee, don’t buy lunch etc.  While these tips definitely help, these are 5 budgeting tips that actually work.


5 Budgeting tips that actually save you money

#5 – Style on a budget

Just because you are living a frugal life, it’s doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  This article is packed with tips to help you find style on a budget.


Style on a budget

#4 – How I halved my electricity bill

The tips on the website are all things I actually do myself, and halving my electricity bill is one if the best ways I have saved money this year.  I have reduced my bill even further ever since by continuing to follow the tips in the post.


Electricity Bill

#3 – How to stop living pay to pay

Living pay to pay is an extremely hard cycle to break, after all how are you supposed to save money when there is literally nothing let at the end of each week?  These tips will help you break the cycle once and for all.


How to stop living pay to pay


#2 – 6 Things to stop spending money on

This post continues to be extremely popular on both Facebook and Pinterest, and for good reason.  Not spending on the 6 things listed could save you some serious money.


6 things to stop spending money on

#1 – 10 Things to buy at Costco

Judging by this post being by far the most popular this year, our readers either love Costco or a curious about the prices and products on offer.


10 things to buy at Costco








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