8 things people with spotless houses do every day


Follow these 8 things people with spotless houses do every day and you too will always have a clean, neat and tidy house ready for unexpected visitors.


We have all been there; a friend calls to say they will pop around in half an hour for a visit, yet your house is in no shape for visitors.  It’s especially a problem with young kids in the house who are intent on undoing all of your good work.  What if you could find a way to keep your house within 10 minutes of being visitor ready at all times?  It’s completely possible, and just involves adopting a few new habits as part of your everyday routine.


Do these 8 things every day and you will thank yourself for it next time a visitor arrives unannounced.


Make your bed as soon as you get up

The first thing you should do everyday is make your bed.  It will only take a minute or two, but instantly makes bedrooms look so much tidier.  If you are stretched for time, just straighten out the quilt and pillows.


Empty the dishwasher

This is one habit I really try to do every morning.  While I get breakfast ready, I quickly unload last nights clean dishes from the dishwasher.  Then it’s ready to load up the breakfast dishes.  Emptying the dishwasher first thing in the morning also gives you somewhere to store those dirty dishes as you use them throughout the day, keeping the sink and surrounding benches clutter free.


Place clothes in the washing machine

This tip isn’t for everyone, especially if you like to do separate loads of washing segregated by colours and fabrics, but it encourages me to keep the washing up to date.  I place all dirty clothes straight in the washing machine rather than into a laundry hamper, and then turn the machine on as soon as it’s full.


Use baskets and containers

I find placing baskets on shelves and in cupboards to keep everything so much neater and tidier than if it’s just randomly shoved inside a cupboard.  Using baskets to group similar items together gives everything a home, and as a bonus also makes it extremely easy to find things again.


Deal with things immediately

Rather than bringing the mail inside and dumping it on the bench, make a point of sorting it immediately, filing away anything important and binning the rest.  The same goes for everything that enters the house, placing it in it’s proper home immediately rather than leaving it for latter keeps the house so much tidier.


Ditch the floordrobe

It might be tempting to dump your clothes on your bedroom floor to deal with later after a busy day, but it’s so much easier to just place clothes where they belong as soon as your take them off.


Clean as you make dinner

You know those few minutes when making dinner that you are not really doing much other than waiting for something to boil.  Use that time to clean up your mess as you go, such as stacking the dishwasher with any dirty dishes you have finished with, and wiping any spills or mess from the bench tops.  By the time dinner is ready there will only be a few dishes left to clean and the kitchen will be near spotless.


Always clean the kitchen before bed

Making a point of always cleaning the kitchen before you go to bed will always start then next morning on a slightly happier note.  There is nothing worse than having to clean up last nights mess before you get on with your day.

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