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10 Things you need for travelling overseas on a budget

Budget friendly holiday booked? Now it's time to continue the savings by packing the right items needed for travelling overseas on a budget.


So your budget friendly holiday is booked!  Now it’s time to continue the savings with these things you need for travelling overseas on a budget.  Planning ahead and taking a few simple items with you could save you hundreds of dollars on expenses while overseas, which is more money in your pocket for you next holiday.


1. Zip lock bags

Clear zip lock bags are great for so much more than getting liquids through airport security.  They are also great for holding money in foreign currencies, storing toiletries so they don’t leak all over luggage and keeping boarding passes, passports and attraction tickets safe and dry.  They are also perfect for holding snacks when travelling with kids.


This Typo convertible neck pillow can be used as both a neck pillow and a round, long pillow


2. Convertible neck pillow

Forget the usual neck pillows, and instead try one of these convertible travel pillows.  They can be used as both a standard neck pillow and also a long, round pillow.  Perfect to use in place of those dodgy flat hotel pillows.


This travel cosmetics kit from Typo is great for saving money on toiletries.


4. Travel cosmetic kit

Those little travel sized bottles of your usual toiletries are often so expensive.  Instead, grab a travel cosmetic kit and fill the reusable bottles with shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries from the full sized versions you already have at home.


This reusable water bottle from Rubi Shoes is perfect for saving money on water when travelling on vacation.


5. Reusable water bottle

Constantly buying bottle of water while travelling can get pretty pricey.  If you are travelling to a location where the water supply is safe to drink, take a reusable water bottle and fill it each day before you head out sightseeing.


This stencil scratch holiday fun book from Smiggle will help keep kids busy on long flights


6. Non-electronic entertainment

Electronic entertainment can’t always be relied upon.  Sometimes seat back tvs on planes stop working, and tables can go flat mid flight.  Pack some books and travel sized board games to help pass the time.  There are some great travel themed activities that can keep kids busy like this stencil scratch holiday fun book.


7. A pen

For such a simple item it;s something that’s often overlooked when travelling overseas, and is especially handy for filling in departure cards at the airport and arrival cards on the plane.


A canvas travel pouch is perfect for keeping travel documents safe and dry


8. Travel wallet

Travel wallets are fantastic for keeping passports, boarding passes, itineraries and other travel documents together in the one spot.


9. A travel sim card

Generally your usual phone carrier will charge a small fortune to use your mobile overseas, so it’s a great idea to instead get a travel sim or even an ordinary pre-paid sim card once you arrive at your destination.  That way you can keep in touch with the outside world and still have access to data at much more reasonable rates.  Of course also take advantage of any free WiFi in hotels or public areas.


10. Small first aid kit

Taking a small first aid kit filled with bandaids and any medications you might need will save a frantic search for a pharmacy while overseas.





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