The Aldi spectacular toy sale

The Aldi spectacular toy sale is on again, including their great quality wooden toys


It’s almost toy sale time, and Aldi are getting in first with their annual toy spectacular.  The sale starts on Wednesday the 21st of June, and if it’s anything like last years sale there will likely be long lines before the stores even open, with items selling out very quickly.


This years sale includes many of the very popular wooden toys that featured in previous years.  There have been many comments on social media about just how well these toys have been holding up after years of use, so it’s worth heading to the Aldi sale just to stock up on these for upcoming birthdays and of course Christmas.


Many of the prices have also dropped from last years.  Our best picks of the toy sale, some of which are included in the image above, are:


Wooden London bus – $29.99 ($5 lower than last year)

Wooden high tea set – $29.99 ($5 lower than last year)

Wooden fraction cake – $9.99

Wooden market stand – $49.99 ($10 lower than last year)

Wooden airport – $49.99

Wooden toolbox – $14.99


If you want to check out the catalogue in full, we shared it on Instagram here.


Here are our tips for making sure your Aldi toy shopping is a success:


Be there before the store opens

Opening times vary between stores, so be sure to check out your local stores opening time ahead of the day, and be there before the store opens.


Head straight for the middle section

For those that aren’t familiar with Aldi store layouts, the special buys are always located in the centre aisles of the store, so head straight to the middle section as soon as those doors open.  If you are a regular Aldi shopper, leave any grocery shopping you plan on doing while in store until after you have staked out the middle section.


Divide and conquer

If you are heading to the sale with a friend (which isn’t a bad idea), plan ahead to divide and conquer.  Work out a shopping list between you, then divide that list up so that you aren’t both looking for the same items.  For example, one of you can grab the wooden toys, while the other heads for the board games and books.


If in doubt, buy it.  You can always return it.

Rather than wasting time trying to decide if you should buy a particular item, buy it.  You can always return it later on if you decide you don’t need it.  Otherwise, by the time you have deliberated over one item, the other you wanted might have been snapped up.


Be prepared

Go through the catalogue before the day and create a list of everything you want, while keeping any upcoming birthday’s and of course Christmas in mind.  Toy sales are the perfect time to get organised with gift purchases ahead of time.

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