Surviving flights with young kids

It can be difficult to keep kids busy on long flights, but these tips for Surviving Flights with Young Kids will make it that bit easier


Having just come home from holidays with a 3 year old and 4 month old, and an international flight coming up in less than 2 weeks time, I have discovered it’s essential to have a stack of tricks up my sleeve to survive the flights.  The key is to have things, whether it be toys or food, that you can bring out each time your kids start to get restless.  Read on for my tips.




Flights are not the time to be concerned about screen time, when it comes to planes and kids, screen time is good if it keeps them occupied.  Load it up with movies, tv shows, games and educational apps and with a bit of luck it will keep them busy for hours.


Play Dough


Play dough is great for planes.  At first it seemed a little strange to take tubs of play dough on a flight, to turns out it keeps kids (and maybe even adults) busy without making too much mess.  You can get little tubs of play dough which is what we took, or you could even make your own, like our Peppermint Scented Play Dough, and package it in small containers.




Just as flights are not the time to worry about to much screen time, they are also not the time to be too concerned about a balanced diet.  Obviously you don’t want your kids eating too much sugar, that’s never a good thing when they need to sit in a confined space for hours on end.  Snacks like fruit, simple sandwiches, muesli bars and dried fruit are all perfect.


Paper & Pencils


Colouring in  books, paper and pencils are essential in flight items, and can keep kids busy for an extended period of time.




You never know when you will need Panadol, so it’s better to have it on hand just in case.  Panadol can also help ears on landing.  My daughter suffers from painful ears on landing, so we use a combination of Panadol, chewy lollies, lollipops and pop top style water bottles.


Spare Clothes


Pack a change of clothes in your carry on baggage for the whole family, you just never know when you might need them.


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