Study online for mums

Study online for mums

Are you starting to think about your plan for returning to work?  Staying at home with the kids can be one of the best times to study online to help prepare you to resume your career once you are ready to return to work.  While it can be challenging juggling studying with being a mum, it can also be extremely rewarding.  You will find you start to feel a sense of satisfaction in that you are taking time to do something for yourself; while being a mum is amazing, we also need to feel like our own person.

If you have taken spent a fair amount of time out of the workforce you might start to feel out of the loop in your industry which can be a great reason in itself to study, but many mums also use this as a chance to completely change their career path.  It can be an opportunity to find a career path in an area that you are truly passionate about, and there is a good chance that your passions have changed since you left high school.

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How do I successfully juggle study and mum duties?


While time is already precious as a mum, it becomes even more so once your throw studying in the mix.  Our 3 tips below will help you better juggle the two.


1. Make time for study

If you don’t schedule it in, it just won’t happen, something else will always come up!  Make sure you schedule time into your diary that is exclusively for studying.  This time needs to be time alone to allow you to concentrate, so consider getting up an hour earlier than the kids each day to make the most of the quiet, or get someone else to watch the kids and head off to your local library.


2. Don’t mutitask

As mums we all try to do it, but avoid multitasking.  Rather than completing a range of tasks at once as you picture in your head, you will really be struggling to get anywhere with anything.  Don’t try to study while you are making dinner or helping the kids with homework, and instead use the time you have scheduled in, when you can give your studying your full attention.


3. Avoid social media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be the biggest time wasters.  You sit down thinking you will just have a quick scroll through Facebook before you get stuck into your study, and before you know it an hour has passed and you haven’t even opened your books yet!  Once your scheduled study time begins, shut all social media tabs and put aside your phone, and don’t open them again until your scheduled time is up.

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