Hi there!  I’m so happy that you have made your way over to Bargain Mums.  My name is Jasmine Boothey, and I want to personally welcome you to my money saving zone.


Whether you are in need of a complete money overhaul, or are just looking for a few money saving ideas, this is the place for you.  I really believe it’s possible to live  a rich life on a budget, after all I live the life every day! Want to know more?  Take a look below.


Money Saving


If you would like to lower your spending

This first step toward saving money is to reduce your expenses.  6 Things to stop spending your money on will help you identify areas of unnecessary spending, along with 7 big money mistakes you might be making.


If you need to lower your everyday expenses

If you have had enough of high energy bills, how I halved my electricity bill is a great read.  Laundry is something we all have to do, and 5 ways to save money on laundry will help lower that expense.


If you want to cut your grocery bills

Groceries are one of the biggest expenses in our budget, so lower your grocery bill with 5 tips to save even more on groceries, as well as the minimalist guide to grocery shopping.


If you want to become a frugal foodie

Meal planning is the key to being frugal when it comes to food, so give meal planning a try with meal planning made super simple.  If you are looking for budget recipe inspiration, browse our more than 100 recipes for busy mums.  If you run out of an ingredient part way through our recipes, check our 12 baking substitutions for instructions on making your own baking ingredients.


Do you like freebies?

Who doesn’t love something for nothing?  Our 2 Ingredient eBook will give you 18 ideas for recipes you can whip up with only 2 ingredients.



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