Squishy Snak Paks

I was very excited when I was approached to review a Squishy Snak Pak, I wish they had of existed when my 2 year old was a baby.  We always made our own baby food, but when we were heading out it was just too hard to take pre-prepared food with us, so we resorted to commercially made baby food pouches.  The Squishy Snak Pak would have been perfect to solve this dilemma, and would have saved us so much money!


The Squishy Snak Pak looks a fair bit like the baby food pouches you can buy from the supermarket.  The main difference is it’s refillable.  They have a zip lock down the bottom of the pouch, and a clever see-through panel so you can see what is inside the pouch, especially handy if you have a whole bunch of pouches in your fridge or freezer.


Most importantly, the Squish Snak Pak is BPA free (a big plus for me!), and can be washed and reused again and again.  These will seriously save you money.  Once the kids get older you can use them for yoghurt or pureed fruit, which you could even freeze and put in their lunchbox for school, far cheaper than the pre-packaged yoghurt and fruit pouches you get from the supermarket.


The Squishy Snak Pak was super easy to use, just unzip the bottom, fill with your chosen filling up to the fill line, and re-zip.  You then just remove the cap and the food can be sucked out of the top.  Once empty, they can be re-washed many times over.  My daughter loved hers filled with yoghurt, and it was such a convenient and mess free way to serve it.



Here are the key features of the Squishy Snak Pak:


  • Snack container you can fill it from the bottom, squish it out the top
  • Our product is made from BPA free materials and feature a choke proof cap along with a heavy duty zip closure. Fill it up with any creation your little one loves
  • Wash it and reuse it over and over again
  • the clear window on the back allows you to see the contents
  • Holds 1/2 cup of your creations
  • Ideal for use on the go
  • Fun for at home snacks
  • Great freezer storage for portioned baby puree’s





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