Smash Nude Food Movers Review

Smash Nude Food Movers Review


I have always been the type of person that really dislikes wrapping food in cling wrap and zip lock bags, which really add up and are such a waste given that they are generally used once and thrown out.  So I was so excited to be sent a big box filled with products from Smash for this Smash Nude Food Movers Review.


Smash Nude Food Movers Wrap Storage


My daughter started pre-school this year and I don’t like the idea of giving her pre-packaged food (the pre-school strongly discourage it anyway).  I instead make my own snacks and treats for her to take, such as 3 Ingredients Apricot Balls and Homemade Tiny Teddies, and the Nude range is perfect for this.  The lunch boxes have handy separated compartments which make is easy to package little bit and pieces.


Smash Nude Food Movers Yoghurt Mover


The entire range is fantastic, but there were a few stand out items in the range that I thought were excellent ideas.  These were:


  • The banana container.  Squished bananas can be a really problem with school lunches, but these containers adjust to the shape of the banana, keeping is safe.
  • The freezable yoghurt container.  You just freeze the gel insert and it will keep whatever you put in the container nice and cold.  Great for anything that usually needs to be refrigerated; t even comes with a spoon.
  • The wrap/long roll container.  Wraps are very popular in our house, but they can be quite hard to transport.  This container is the perfect shape to keep wraps together, and it’s also great for long shaped rolls that might not fit in an ordinary container.


Smash Nude Food Movers Banana Mover

Not only is this range fantastic for the environment and reducing waste, but it will also save you money.  These storage containers seem to be very well made, so they will last for years.  The up front purchasing cost is nothing compared with the amount of money you will save in not buying cling wrap, sandwich bags etc.  Having a range of storage containers on hand is also guaranteed to motivate you to make rather than buy lunches and snacks.  I would seriously recommend this range to anyone, it’s perfect for both school and work lunches, I’m planning on stocking up on the rest of the range!

Need lunchbox inspiration for the Nude Food Movers range?  Try these:


Nude Food Movers believe in saving the planet one lunch at a time. Reduce, re-use and recycle with a handy range of products to help you on your ‘nude food’ adventures. Available in all good retailers. For more information on the Nude Food Movers range by Smash visit | Facebook: Nude Food Movers | Instagram: @nudefoodmovers  
Nude Food Movers is the brand behind Nude Food Day, a nationwide program and event held in primary schools nationwide during October. Whether you are a parent, carer, school or simply want more info on how you can do your bit for the environment sign up today at | Facebook: National Nude Food Day

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