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If you have every sold a house, you will know just how confusing it is to decide which agent to go with, we are going through exactly this in my house right now!  It seems like every agent has a different commission rate, includes different things in their rate, and has different methods of selling a home.  We have come across some agents that swear by open inspections, yet another agent refuses to do them.


So we were pretty excited when we discovered Sell My Castle, and website that helps you find the best agent in your area for your needs.  You just enter your postcode in the search box, and will put forward their proposal to you, you can then compare agents and decided if you want any of the agents to contact you or not.  This means you can get the info you need without handing over your details to agents, which is a massive bonus in our opinion!


You can visit the Sell My Castle website here.  It’s completely free to use, and hopefully saves you some money when you next sell a house.


Sell My Castle

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