School holiday indoor fun

The school holidays are almost here once again!  The weather doesn’t always play nice, so here are some indoor activities to keep everyone busy, and you sane!


Magic Celery – Find a few glass jars or bottles, and fill halfway with water, adding a few drops of food colouring, a different colour in each jar.  Grab some celery stalks that still have leaves attached and trim around half a centimetre off the bottom of each one, then place a stalk in each of the jars.  Check back an hour later and the colour will begin creeping up each stalk.  Check each hour as the colour climbs higher and higher.  By the end of the day even the leaves will have changed colour.

– Guessing Game – This game is a twist on the how many lollies in the jar game.  Find a jar or small container and ask your kids how many of a particular item will fit in the jar.  Then ask them to fill the jar with the objects, counting as they go to see how close they were.  For younger children, try using objects such as Duplo or wooden blocks, and for older children, marbles, paper clips or popcorn.

Sink or Swim – Fill the bath or a bucket with water and ask your kids to find a whole heap of objects.  Ask them whether the think each object will sink or swim, and get them to test the theory.

Animal mix-ups – Go through some old magazines and cut out all the pictures of animals.  Next, cut each animal in half and place them all in a container.  Get your children to find the matching animal pairs.

Scavenger Hunt – Think of three household objects and ask your kids to find them, writing a list if they are old enough, and bring them back to you.  Ask for more specific items as your kids are ready for a greater challenge.

Obstacle Course – Set up an obstacle course around the house, filled with physical challenges.

Edible Necklaces – Cut some lengths of string and fill a bowl with circular shaped foods, such as dried penne and Cheerios.   Thread the pieces onto the string and turn into necklaces and bracelets.

– Textured Pictures – Find textured items, such as coins and credit cards, place under sheets of paper and rub a lead pencil over the surface to reveal the image on paper.

Tong Pick-ups – Scatter a ball of cotton balls over the floor, and give your kids a pair of tongs to pick up the cotton balls and place them in a bowl.  This game can be tricky due to the light and unpredictable nature of the cotton balls.

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