How to save money on back to school supplies

 How to save money on back to school supplies


The cost of preparing your kids for the new school year can add up so quickly, before they even step foot in the school yard!  We have put together this list of tips to show you how to save money on back to school supplies.


Stick to a list

Write a list of everything you need, and stick to it!  It might be easier to head to the shops without the kids for this exact reason.


Shop at home first

Search the house for supplies you might already have before you hit the shops.  We all have more pens than we could ever use laying around the house, so consider using supplies you have sitting at home rather than going out and buying more.


Buy quality

There is no point going for that dirt cheap pack of pencils if they are going to break in the first week of school.  Even though quality supplies will cost you more up front, they will save you money in the long run when you don’t have to keep replacing them.


Shop the sales

There are back to school sales on everywhere you look at this time of year.  Set aside a little time to flick through the catalogues and find the best bargains before you begin shopping.


Set spending limits

Most kids get to an age where everything they have has to be a certain brand or character, and school supplies are no exception.  With branded supplies costing a fair bit more than non branded, set a spending limit.  The spending limit might be enough to allow them to get one or two branded items, and then the rest unbranded.


Buy in bulk

It’s no secret that buying in bulk saves money, and school supplies are no different.  It’s likely that you won’t have a use for 100 pens, so consider buying in bulk with a few other families and splitting the cost.


Only buy what you need

There is no point buying one of everything just because it’s the start of  a new school year.  If school uniforms and school shoes still fit, hold off buying more until they are actually needed.


Avoid prepackaged food

Buying prepackaged food for school lunches adds up really quick, after all you are paying for convenience.  Make an effort to get organised and make you own homemade lunches and snacks.  Plan ahead, and use the freezer for anything that can be made ahead and frozen, from muffins to ham and cheese sandwiches.  That way, you can just grab food out of the freezer in the morning, and it will be defrosted by lunchtime.

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