How to save 50% off your fruit & veg

How to save on fruit & veg


Once you know how to save 50% off your fruit & veg, you won’t go back to paying full price.  If you caught A Current Affair tonight, you might have seen the story about heavily reducing your fruit & veg bill by purchasing imperfect produce.  This is something I have been doing for years now, and it saves us a small fortune.


The major supermarkets, along with many fruit & veg retailers, demand that their produce be of a certain standard, meaning it is a certain size, the right shape and colour, and free of imperfections.  However, there are some retailers who are purchasing this imperfect produce, selling it in their own stores, and passing on the cost savings to you.  If you don’t mind your fruit & veg looking a little less than perfect, it’s a fantastic way to save.  The produce tastes exactly the same as the perfect, supermarket versions (in my experience, it’s actually often better), and it contains the same amount of nutrients.  When you start buying your fruit & veg at reduced prices, you might even find you start eating far healthier, since it’s so easy to stock up for a fraction of supermarket prices.  As always, it’s worth eating in season to save even more.


So where can you find such massively discounted produce?  It depends where you live, more remote areas might be less likely to have these types of fruit & veg shops, but if you live in the suburbs it’s likely that you will have one nearby.  For those in the northern fringe of the suburbs in Adelaide, I regularly shop at Virgara Fruit & Veg located in Angle Vale.  The produce can at times be hit and miss, but there are some crazy bargains, and I often manage to grab a trolly full of items for around $25, of course only buying whats in season.  It can even be worth buying larger quantities and freezing some for later.


If you live in NSW, you are extremely lucky in that you can purchase from Harris Farm Markets, who have an online store, and now offer an imperfect picks range.  This range includes carrots at $0.99kg, zucchini for $1.69kg and eggplant for $3.29kg.  Harris Farm are even giving you 25% off you first online order, then 10% off your next three orders.  Just click here for the discount.


Do you have a discount fruit & veg shop near you?  Share the shop name and location in the comments below.


Harris Farm 25% off first order

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  • Jenny

    if you live out North East in Adelaide go to Rick and Maria’s Fruit and veg in Hope Valley. They do this and have apples for 99c all year round and usually $2 kilo banna’s i always come out with bags and bags of fruit and veg and they are such lovely people as well so i go out of my way to shop there every week!! Fruit lasts for AGES as well!

    • BargainMums

      Thanks for letting us know Jenny, they are fantastic prices. I’m such a huge fan of fruit & veg shops!

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