Redpawpaw Review

Redpawpaw Review


Monthly subscription boxes are everywhere right now, especially in the very crowded beauty subscription box space (such as the Bellabox), and the new Mum Box (shameless plug right there).  Redpawpaw uses the same concept, but offers monthly boxes filled with grocery items.  I received the August Redpawpaw box this week to trial, and thought I would do a Redpawpaw Review.  The only other subscription box I have trialled before now was a Bellabox, so in comparison the Redpawpaw box was huge and heavy, which is to be expected when comparing grocery items with make up and skincare.  One thing I have to mention is the customer service from Redpawpaw; I was sent an email with tracking information once my box had been posted, and it arrived the next business day.  I was very impressed!


If you haven’t come across subscription boxes before now, you make a fixed payment each month, and in return receive a box in the post filled with a range of products.  These products will be different each month, and are sent completely at random.  The idea is that you get a little surprise in the mail each month, having no idea what’s in the box, giving you the chance to try out new products.  Subscription boxes are huge in the US, and are starting to take off here in Australia too.


Most of the items in the box were things I wouldn’t normally buy, since I usually just buy the basics in my weekly shopping and make just about everything from scratch.  This is not necessarily a bad thing though, it gave me the chance to try new products which is always a bit of fun.  For comparisons sake, I hopped onto Woolworths Online to find the individual prices of each item in the box; below is a list of each item and it’s approximate cost (the cost of each item might differ in other areas of Australia):


– The Little Brownie Company Triple Choc Fudge Brownies 560g                              $6.50

– Saxa Iodised Sea Salt Flakes 112g                                                                                     $4.94

– Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling Original 440ml                                                                       $2.86

– Pine O Clean Disinfecting Wipes 40 Pk                                                                          $4

– Saxa Smoked Cyprus Salt Grinder 45g                                                                           $6.05

– Chux Magic Eraser Cleaner Block 8 Pk                                                                          $4.39

– Vita Weat Mixed Medium Grain Sesame Lunch Slices 220g                                    $4.50

– Fountain No Added Sugar Smart Squeezy Tomato Sauce 500ml                            $3.19

– Mug Shot Tomato & Herb Pasta Sauce 64g                                                                  $1.53

– Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water Raspberry and Lemon 1.25l                   $2.97

– Nature Valley Crunchy 42g                                                                                               $0.99

– Uncle Tobys Crunchy Triangle x2                                                                                   $0.80

– Weight Watchers Peach on Mango Jelly 2x120g                                                         $3.84


The contents of the box totaled $46.56, which is a decent amount of groceries.


Now for the cost of the box.  Up until recently Redpawpaw were charging $5 including free postage for each months box.  Redpawpaw are still charging $5 per box (if you sign up to the feedback version), however postage is now charged and depends on your location.  While this might have annoyed some customers, I can completely understand the change.  The box I received was seriously heavy, and as a business owner I’m well aware of how much Australia Post charges for parcel deliveries, and it’s really not cheap.


Based on the postage calculator on the Redpawpaw website, postage would be $11.50, so $16.50 all up for 1 month, with a discount when paying for an annual subscription up front.  This price is still on the lower end of the typical subscription box cost, based on other boxes I have trialled.  Most importantly, which is what you want when signing up for monthly boxes, is the value of the box is far more than the cost.


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