10 Reasons why you will be happier in a smaller house


Downsizing has so many benefits. It can save you money and improve your life. Here are 10 reasons why you will be happier in a smaller house.


If you have been following my Instagram lately, you might have noticed that I got the keys to a new house almost 5 weeks ago.  While this house is going to be a short term home for our family, we plan on living here for the next 18 or so months while completely renovating it cosmetically.




We spent a few years searching on and off for the perfect house to renovate, and finally found it early this year.  It’s in the perfect location for us with great growth potential, and is within walking distance to our daughters school.  It ticked all the boxes; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, in great condition structurally, but still in original condition, making it cheap to buy and ripe for renovating.  It’s on a decent sized block of land, perfect for development should it come to that down the track, and it was a great price meaning we will be mortgage free!  The only issue is it’s size.  It’s almost half the size of our previous house.


The size issue concerned me quite a bit before we moved in, while it still has the 3 good sized bedrooms and 2 bathrooms that we are used to, the house is considerably smaller, and has far less living space.  But once we moved in I was very surprised by how I felt, I actually liked the smaller space.


I realised that our old home didn’t have that cosy, homely feeling.  The living areas were very open plan, and while it was nice to have all that space it just didn’t feel like a cosy family home.  While the smaller space means we will need to be careful about the items we keep in our home, it also has so many upsides.  Here are the reasons why you will be happier in a smaller house:


Less time spent cleaning

This is a big one for me, I just don’t have the spare hours for cleaning a house multiple times a week.  Just cleaning the floors of our previous house would take a good hour or two.  A smaller house means less to clean, leaving more hours in the day to do the more important things.


Maintenance is easier

Just like cleaning, maintaining a house is important, but it takes time.  A smaller house means there is less to maintain, which can only be a good thing.


It’s cheaper to run

A big house comes with big expenses.  They cost a fortune to heat and cool, and if it’s anything like our old house everything is automated and uses electricity, which all adds up.  A smaller house will use less gas and electricity to heat and cool and the maintenance costs are lower.  Insurance should be lower too!


Less debt

A smaller house will be cheaper to buy, which results in less of a debt.  A smaller mortgage reduces the amount of interest you will pay over the life of the loan, it means smaller weekly repayments, and chances are it will also be easier to pay off before the 30 year loan term is up.


More time together

All of the above points will give you more time together as a family.  You won’t be forced to work extra hours to pay massive mortgage repayments, and you won’t spend as much time cleaning and maintaining.


You are forced to declutter

If you move from a large house to a smaller house, unless you already owned the bare minimum you will find yourself forced to cull what you own, and that’s not a bad thing.  You will be amazed and how little of your belongings actually use, and it’s such a  freeing feeling to own less stuff.


It gives you a clearer mind

If you are anything like me, you will find that clutter clouds your mind, and makes it harder to get motivated and focused.  Having a cleaner, less cluttered house gives me a clearer mind, which is a flow on effect from having a smaller house.


Less environmental impact

If being environmentally friendly is important to you, this one if for you.  A smaller house uses less resources to build and less resources to function, which is going to benefit everyone.


Less temptation to spend money

It’s easier to say no to buying things when you have a smaller house, knowing that you don’t actually have the space to store anything new.  Turns out a smaller house can save you money in other ways too!


Wider market when selling and renting

Having a smaller cheaper house means you have a much wider market when selling it or renting it out, since it’s more affordable to a large portion of the population.

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