All Pumpkin Patch stores closing down

Pumpkin Patch are closing 17 Australian stores by November 15 with 50% off RRP in affected stores


After 26 years, all Pumpkin Patch stores will be closing by early 2017, after a buyer for the children’s wear chain couldn’t be found.  This includes all 117 Australian and 43 New Zealand stores, along with nearly 1600 staff.


Some stores are expected to close by mid December, with the remaining set to close by February.  This comes after Pumpkin Patch was placed into voluntary administration in October with $76 million in debt and a $15.5 million loss over the last financial year.


Of course this means that stock needs to be cleared, with the sale already having began both online and in store.  Pumpkin Patch are currently offering 30% off all items, with 50% off the RRP on sale items.  Given that Pumpkin Patch will often hold 40% off everything sales, this sale is nothing out of the ordinary, and it’s expected that the discounts will deepen closer to the store closure dates.


Pumpkin Patch are still accepting gift cards at this stage, although this could change at any time so if you are holding a gift card, spend it ASAP!  Be aware that up until this point Pumpkin Patch have only been allowing 50% of total purchases to be paid via gift card, with the remaining 50% to be paid in cash.


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