Playing dress ups in Mum’s wedding dress

It’s been 4 years since myself and my husband got married, and ever since that day I have been wondering what to do with my wedding dress.  I didn’t want to sell it as that would involve having to get it professionally cleaned first, and i didn’t feel like I could sell it for a high enough price to cover the cleaning cost plus the time and energy involved in selling it.  I knew I didn’t want to hold onto it forever, after all it just sits in my wardrobe collecting dust!  I then cam across Angel Gowns Australia, who deconstruct donated wedding gowns and craft them into gowns for stillborn babies, and babies who have lost their lives.  I thought this was an amazing cause, and decided instantly this was what I wanted to do with my dress.  I love my dress and will miss just having it, but there are others who need it more than I do.


Before I hand my dress over, I wanted to give my 3 year old daughter a memory of the dress I married her father in, and I came across this fantastic idea on Pinterest, to photograph her playing dress ups in my wedding dress.  We picked a sunny afternoon when the light in our lounge room was perfect for taking photos, and my daughter had the best time playing the part of a princess in my dress.  I’m so glad we did it, I now have beautiful photos of her in my dress that I will enjoy looking back on, and should she ever get married herself, I will give her a copy of this picture below on her wedding day:


Playing dress ups in mums wedding dress


If like me you have a wedding dress sitting around that you would love to do something with, Angel Gowns are definitely worth considering.  I really hope that my dress will be turned into some beautiful gowns for little angels, and that they help a few parents in such a terrible time in their lives.


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