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Our $1400 budget ensuite renovation


Renovating a bathroom doesn't have to cost tens of thousands of dollars We show you how we renovated our ensuite for under $1400, along with the exact products we used as part of our budget renovation.


If you haven’t been following our renovation project, we purchased a house 6 months ago in original 70’s condition.  We had been wanting to renovate a house for years, so we decided now was the perfect time before we start building our dream family home in the next year or two.  Over the last 6 months we have been renovating the house room by room, starting with the 3 bedrooms, followed by the laundry, kitchen, and now the ensuite.


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One of the reasons we decided on this house as a renovation project was because of the ensuite.  It’s rare for a house of this age and size in our area to have a master bedroom with an ensuite and walk in robe, and we thought it would be a great selling point if we decide to sell the house once the renovations are finished.  It’s a small ensuite, but it’s got the essentials, and two bathrooms is always great in a family home.


The original ensuite was the typical mustard/brown/green colour scheme of the 1970’s, so we decided to brighten up the small space by creating a mostly white bathroom.  We are trying to keep the entire house renovations under the $24,000 mark, so we are very conscious of keep everything under budget, and the ensuite was no exception.  Even though we completely gutted the bathroom, including ripping up all of the tiles, we kept the layout exactly the same.  This meant we didn’t need to pay for the expense of shifting plumbing around, which is a big job with solid brick walls.


The ensuite before renovations began.


Aside from keeping the layout the same, we also did everything ourselves in the room to keep labour costs down, which would have been impossible had we changed the plumbing layout.  We started with these rectangular glossy marble look wall tiles from Bunnings, which lighten up the room nicely.  I didn’t want to have too much white in the room so I choose these light grey textured tiles from Beaumont Tiles for the floor, which tie in perfectly with the marble wall tiles.


The bathroom previously had a shower curtain, so we found an adjustable pivot shower screen on eBay.  We purchased a rail shower head to replace the old fixed shower head, and reused the existing chrome taps which looked brand new against the white tiles.


The bathroom previously had a mustard coloured wall mounted sink which we removed and added a new vanity.  There was very little space for a vanity so we decided on a mini-sized wall hung vanity from Bunnings which fit perfectly.  The vanity mixer tap was an absolute bargain at only $15 from the clearance section in Bunnings.  I’m loving round mirrors in bathrooms right now so I used this round mirror with strap from Kmart which cost a tiny $19.  We finished the room with a new Bunnings toilet, painted the walls using paint we already had from our previous house, and a faux wooden white blind which was half price from Spotlight.



All up this complete cosmetic bathroom renovation cost us a tiny $1371.78, which I am very happy with.  It shows with a little hard work and bargain hunting it’s possible to give a room a completely new look for next to nothing.  I have listed our itemised budget below:


  • Toilet (Bunnings) – $97
  • Vanity (Bunnings) – $172
  • Vanity mixer tap (Bunnings) – $15
  • Shower Screen (eBay) – $323
  • Wall tiles (Bunnings) – $270.84
  • Floor tiles (Beaumont Tiles) – $96
  • Round mirror (Kmart) – $19
  • Grout in Misty Grey – $22.10
  • Silicone in Misty Grey – $15
  • Tile adhesive – $50
  • Wall hook for mirror (Bunnings) – $4.78
  • Floor grate (Bunnings) – $14.20
  • Shower head (Bunnings) – $55.90
  • Toilet roll holder (Bunnings) – $7.96
  • Blind (Spotlight) – $40
  • Dunlop waterproofing kit + matting – $120
  • Deta Exhaust Fan – $49

Total ensuite cost – $1371.78

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