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Bellamy's organic baby food and formula

Organic baby food doesn't have to be difficult and expensive! This post on Organic Baby Food Made Easy will show you how.


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Making your own baby food is a great way to save money, and it’s something I did when my two were a little younger.  I used to make baby food in big batches and freeze it in individual, baby sized portions.  While it saves money, it’s not always practical.  We have always liked to get out and about on the weekends and it was just about impossible bring our own homemade baby food unless we were visiting family in their own homes with access to a fridge to store the food, and a microwave to heat it up.  For that reason, I always kept a stash of baby food pouches in the pantry ready to pack in my nappy bag.


While making baby food from scratch can save huge amounts of money if you are using ordinary in season fruit and vegetables, what if using organic produce is important to you?  The price of fresh, organic food is often significantly more expensive than the non-organic equivalents.  If this is you, pre-made baby food could actually work out cheaper.


Once babies move toward the end of their first year, solid food starts to become an important part of their diet, and it’s also a great way to keep them busy.  Toothiepegs teething rusks from Bellamy’s Organic are perfect for this, they help relieve the pain of teething in babies over 6 months, but also make great snacks for toddlers.  I always made a point of having a few packaged snacks in my nappy bag for my toddlers, for those times we were out and about and I had nothing else to offer them or I needed to keep them busy.


What about baby formula?  While breast is always best when it works out, the reality is it’s not always possible.  If you need to use baby formula, there are also organic products available that won’t break the bank, such as Bellamy’s Organic formula.  It has an RRP of $29, but keep an eye out for specials in Coles and Woolworths and you can shave at least a few dollars off this price. I recommend you stock up when it’s on sale.


So what should you look for in baby food?



You want food that’s uncomplicated, wholesome and nutritious, and you want to be confident that your baby’s food is giving them everything that they need for a balanced diet.  To be balanced the food needs to contain a wide variety of food from the primary food groups.  A balanced diet is absolutely essential for babies and toddlers growth and development.


Mindful eating

It’s important to be aware of what’s in food, after all the ingredient list on some packaged food can read like a science experiment, how is the average mum supposed to understand what all the numbers mean?  By being aware of what’s in food, you can then teach your children about food, nutrition and good health, which will set them up to lead a healthy childhood, and eventually adulthood.


Certified organic

If organic food is important to you, look out for the certified organic logo.  It’s easy for companies to claim something is organic on the packaging, even if it isn’t.  By looking out for certified organic alternatives you can be sure the food inside actually is organic.  If you are wondering what exactly organic means, it refers to food that contains:


  • No chemical pesticides
  • No chemical fertilisers
  • No artificial additives
  • No hormones and antibodies
  • No genetically modified organisms



Food should taste good, and baby food is no exception.  If food tastes good, babies and toddlers are going to love it, which in turn makes feeding times easier for parents.  By offering children delicious food in their first few years of life, they will hopefully develop a love of food that will last beyond the toddler years.


We all want to give our babies and toddlers a great start to life, and the food we feed them is a massive part of this.  Bellamy’s Organic have a great range of products that contain everything little bodies need, and the full range is available from Coles and Woolworths, as well as the Bellamy’s Organic online store (Money saving tip – products can generally be found a few dollars cheaper in supermarkets).


Bellamy's organic baby food and formula


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