The one trick that could slash your electricity bill

Struggling with high electricity bills? Try this one trick that could slash your electricity bill for good.


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Chances are you or someone else you know is struggling with high electricity prices.  No matter what you do to try and reduce your electricity consumption, the bills just keep on rising and rising.  This is something I can completely relate to.  We moved house last year and ever since we have had some pretty astronomical bills, think in the range of $1500 per quarter!


No matter what we do we just can’t get those bills to come down.  We don’t have a pool, have never owned a drier, and all of our appliances are on the newer side.  To add insult to injury, our hot water and stove top are on gas, meaning we also get the joys of gas bills on top of our electricity bills.


You have probably heard of the usual tricks when it comes to cutting your electricity usage.  Things like turning appliances off at the wall whenever practical, turning the air conditioner to a higher setting and turning of lights in empty rooms.  Fortunately, if you have tried every trick in the book and you still can’t get those bills down, there is one more trick left that you might not have tried, and it could save you hundreds of dollars every year.  It’s something that can save on your energy bills instantly, both gas bills and the dreaded electricity bills.


That trick is to compare energy suppliers, and switch providers if you find a better deal.


This is something that I did when we moved house last year as our previous supplier wasn’t giving us the best deal, and it’s something we will look at doing once again in the near future.  It would be so much easier if all providers charged the same energy rates, but unfortunately they don’t.  Something I noticed when searching for suppliers last year was that rates between suppliers vary massively.  Not only is the per kw price for electricity completely different, but the daily supply charge also varies.  It’s not an easy task to sift through all of the tariffs and daily supply charges to find the best deal.


Given the huge number of energy providers out there, something I did to make this task a million times easier was to use an energy comparison website.  You start by entering your postcode, followed by a few details about your property, simple things like whether or not your property has solar and whether or not you are moving house.  It helps if you have a recent energy bill handy to get a more accurate comparison, but it’s not essential. 


The comparison site will then bring up a list of energy providers in your area, along with a quarterly bill estimate if you were to change to each particular supplier.  The suppliers are listed in order of cheapest to most expensive, so you can find the best deal at a glance.  Be sure to consider any lock in contracts and extra discount periods that each supplier offers, which will all be included on the comparison website.


One of the better energy comparison sites I have come across is  The comparison process is so quick and easy, and you can view the comparisons online, which means you don’t have to speak to a pushy sales person over the phone just to find a better deal.  If you find a deal you like, you can apply right then and there online. 

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