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No new clothes for a year challenge



I love a challenge!  For some reason challenges excite me.  I get so much enjoyment out of setting myself a goal, and finding ways to achieve it.



I also love clothes.  I’m not a massive fan of aimlessly shopping (unless it’s Kmart of course), but I do quite enjoy only shopping, especially if I come across a good sale.  However, looking through my bulging wardrobe I realised just how many clothes I actually have, and how much I have spent on those clothes.  While most of my clothes were bought on sale, those small amounts here and there still add up to a large amount of money.



Love a challenge that saves you money? Try the buy no new clothes for a year challenge.



We are in the very beginning stages of building a brad new family home, so now more than ever we need t be watching what we spend.  That’s exactly how this challenge came about.



This challenge is not only about saving money, but also about minimising waste and the emotional side of fashion, the way ever changing fashion trends make us feel as though we need to keep buying more and more.  That feeling that what we have is never enough.  I want to change that mindset, and be grateful for what I already have.



The challenge



If you decide to take part in the buy no new clothes for a year challenge, feel free to set your own guidelines.  We all lead different lifestyles, and for some of us there will be certain new clothes needed throughout the year, and that’s completely fine.



The guidelines I have set for myself are:  No new clothes for a year, with the only exceptions being new shoes and underwear, and that’s only if absolutely necessary.  While I have decided on no ‘new’ clothes, I will continue to buy clothes from op shops.  That way I still feel as though I am getting my ‘fix’ from time to time and can add ‘new to me’ pieces to my wardrobe to keep things interesting.



It’s a great idea to have a motivator in mind when setting a challenge like this.  My motivator is saving for extra cash to go toward new house we will be building this year.  Seeing the progress of the house should hopefully keep me motivated to continue with the challenge as the year progresses.  



What do I hope to get out of the challenge



I hope to wear more of the clothes I already have.  I have more than enough clothes to get me through the year, and I hope I can have a little fun coming up with new outfits from the items I already have.  



I hope to gain more time, both from not shopping in stores, and not shopping online.  It’s too easy to spend hours trawling through online stores.  Part of this challenge for me is to stop mindlessly browsing online stores, after all there is no point looking when I can’t buy anything.  That would just make it all too tempting to break the challenge.



I hope to be more selective about the items I buy once the challenge is over.  I’m hoping that it might become habit to think about whether I really need a new item of clothing before I buy it.  To replace impulse shopping with intentional shopping.



Above all, I hope that the lack of impulse clothes shopping over the coming year will result in big savings.  Even once the challenge has finished  I hope that I will be more intentional with my shopping which will continue to keep my spending lower.



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