Mum Box – The new monthly box for mums

 Mum Box subscription box for mums


I’m so excited to share details of my new offering, Mum Box, the new monthly box for mums.  I’m a stay at home/work at home mum to an almost 4 year old and an 8 month old baby, and even though we all love our kids more than anything, I know just how hard being a mum can be.  As mums, we often forget to take time out and spoil ourselves.  It got me thinking, what if we could have a package arrive on our doorstep each month, packed full of items just for us?  Subscription boxes are huge at the moment, but they are just about all full of high end beauty products.  I have such an amazing community of mums through Bargain Mums, so I decided it’s time to create something just for mums.


So how does Mum Box work?  It’s not quite a subscription box, in that you don’t have to pay for a year up front.  Each box goes on sale a month before it’s shipped, so you only need to pay for one month at a time, and you can decide on a month my month basis is you would like to receive the next Mum Box.  If you want to know when each box goes on sale, just sign up to our email list here.


Our boxes are shipped from the 15th of each month.  While I can’t say exactly what’s in Mum Box, I can tell you it will be full of a variety of items for you, plus something for your little ones.  The boxes are aimed at mums with children under 7, but other than that won’t include any items for children of a certain age.  For example, you won’t find items aimed at mums with a newborn baby.  What you will find are accessories, cosmetics and other items for you to enjoy yourself, something yummy to eat or drink, products that make  being a mum that bit easier, and of course a little something for your kids.  It’s hard to say exactly what to expect in the box without ruining the surprise, but you can trust me when I say you will love it!  Each month, Mum Box will contain completely different items to the month before, and your box will always contain products with a value much higher than the $29 the box costs you, which by the way includes free shipping.


If this sounds like something you would enjoy arriving on your doorstep after the 15th of next month, how can you get your hands on a Mum Box?  Because it’s our first month, numbers are extremely limited, and many have already sold.  If you want to claim one of the remaining boxes as your own, just head to the Mum Box website.


If there is anything more that you would like to know about Mum Box, ask away in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.  And of course if you are a business and would love to see your products in Mum Box, just send through an email to me at

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