Meal Plan off the weekly supermarket catalogue specials

Using the weekly supermarket catatalogues to menu plan is gauranteed to save you even more money than simply menu planning.


When you receive your weekly supermarket catalogues, or check out our weekly supermarket special posts here, keep an eye out for any genuine bargains.  By genuine bargains we mean not just a few token cents off, but a decent saving, preferably half price!  Write down these specials, and then have a look at items you already have in your fridge/freezer and pantry.  Have a think about what you could make by combining these items with the supermarket specials on your list, and start meal planning.


Once you have your shopping list created from items you need based on your meal plan, head to the supermarket and buy only those items on your list!


Let is know how much money you save by giving this a go, and if you already menu plan based on supermarket specials, let us know how much you think it save you per week.

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