Mamee Chef Premium Instant Noodle Review

 Mamee Chef premium instant noodle review


I was lucky to have recently been invited to participate in the Mamee Chef premium instant noodle review, and soon after had a big package of instant noodle cups arrive on my doorstep.  I have never been a huge fan of instant noodles, I find the flavours bland and artificial, which is exactly why I was looking forward to discovering how this new range was different.


Mamee Chef Range


If you are anything like me, by the time you have made lunch for the kids, you will be seriously lacking inspiration (not to mention time) to make too much for yourself.  That’s what makes these noodles so great for us time poor mums; just boil the kettle, pour boiling water over the noodles and let sit for 3 minutes.  It’s that easy!  This makes these noodles the perfect gourmet, yet fuss free lunch for those days when you are just trying to get the kids fed and barely have time to sit down.  They also make a great afternoon snack.


Now for the flavours.  These noodles are obviously Asian inspired and do have a bit of a spice kick, so if you love Asian flavours with a bit of heat, these are for you.  The actual noodles are made using pull noodle technology, with the range developed by Malaysian celebrity chef, Chef Ismail.  The range includes three flavours; Spicy Chicken Shiitake with Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables, Curry Laksa with Dry Tofu and Vegetables, and Tom Yam with Tasty Shrimp and Vegetables.  My personal favourite would have to be the Spicy Chicken Shiitake, I loved the mushroom flavours, although I did enjoy all three varieties.


Mamee Chef Review Curry Laksa


Depending on which of the three flavours you choose, inside the cup you will find flavour sachets, curry pastes (made with real ingredients), and dried vegetable sachets.  These real spices and vegetables make the noodles taste more like something from an Asian restaurant than a meal out of a noodle cup.  Plus, each cup comes with a plastic fork, making these noodles perfect for anywhere you have access to boiling water.


The new Mamee Chef Premium Instant Cup Noodle range is perfect for busy adults looking for convenient lunch and snack solutions, with restaurant quality taste and quality ingredients. Available in three delicious flavours; Curry Laksa with Dry Tofu and Vegetables, Tom Yam with Tasty Shrimp and Vegetables, Spicy Chicken Shiitake with Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables. Mamee Chef $2.29RRP per cup. Available in Woolworths supermarkets nationally. | | #MameeChef 




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