Making Money – Domino’s Pizza Mogul

When creating your personal budget, the next step after cutting your expenses is to find ways to make extra income streams.  There are some really fun ways to make more money, and Domino’s new Pizza Mogul is one of them.


The basic idea behind Pizza Mogul is that, using the app or website, you create your own pizzas using any of domino’s pizza toppings.  You then share the link for the pizza’s you have created, and each time someone orders your creation, you get a cut of the profits.  You can earn between $0.25 and $3.25 per sale, depending on how many topping are on your pizza.  This might seem like a small amount, but if you can manage to create some popular pizzas, you could end up making thousands.  Once you sign up you can view the leader board, which at the moment shows the highest earner having a total of $8278.


Once you have created your pizzas, it’s time to get creative and start selling them.  The best way to do this is via social media, with some people even creating YouTube videos to promote their pizzas.  I have signed up to Pizza Mogul myself to road test it before writing this (you can check out my pizza creations here), and it is super simple to create and share the pizzas.  You just choose your base, sauce and toppings and your done!  Then, you just use the sharing buttons next to your pizzas to share vie Facebook or email.  This is one of the pizzas I have created (it’s probably not really a bargain since it has a fair few toppings):


Dominos Pizza Mogul Making Money


The best bit, which will help you promote your pizzas, is that Domino’s vouchers can be used with all Pizza Mogul creations.  Let us know in the comments how you promote your Pizza Mogul pizzas, and share them with us in the comments below.


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