Kinetic Sand Box Set Review

 Kinetic Sand Box Set Review

I was very excited to get started on this Kinetic Sand Box Set Review, I had heard so much about the sand and how great it was, but had never tried it myself.  We were sent a Kinetic Sand kit, containing a pack of the sand in purple, a tray to play with the sand in and four sand shaping toys.


Kinetic Sand really is as good as people say, if you haven’t tried it you really should grab a pack.  It has a strange, but very appealing, texture.  It feels like sand, but almost as though it’s wet sand, even though it’s completely dry.  The sand sticks to itself, so it is fantastic for moulding and shaping.  Obviously it is designed to be a children’s toy, but it seems that adults like to play with it just as much (well I know I do anyway).  For those who are wondering, and I know you all are, Kinetic Sand contains Polymer, with 98% sand and 2% Polymer, giving the sand it’s texture and the ability to hold together when shaped.


Kinetic Sand is definitely the type of toy you want to use over a tray or container, as while it does stick to itself, you will still find little bits of sand around after it has been played with, and this would be much worse if it was used directly on a table.  Clean up is still fairly easy, although some people use the sand as an outside toy only.  Because the sand sticks to itself it’s easy enough to clean up any larger amounts of sand that have fallen, and just give the area a quick vacuum to clean up any remaining grains of sand.


The amount of sand in this pack isn’t huge at only 454g, but it’s definitely enough to get started, it’s really a bit like a starter kit given it contains the tray and moulding toys.  You can also buy separate packs of sand so you can easily add to the amount of sand in this kit, my daughter was given more for Christmas so we now have a decent amount of sand to play with.


It can be a little hard to track down in stores at certain times of the year due to it’s huge popularity, so keep checking with your local retailers, such as Kmart, for stock.


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