How I increased my Facebook likes by thousands

How I increased my Facebook likes by thousands


This one little Facebook hack is something that every blogger and Facebook page owner should know about, but not everyone does.  I recently discovered this trick, and since then I have increased my Facebook likes by thousands.  A few months back I was struggling to get over the 28k Facebook like mark, and now I’m rapidly heading toward 34k.  You might know how to invite friends to like your page, but did you know it was possible to invite non-friends too?


To use this feature, you need to first have a post that has a few likes, so that instead of showing the individuals that liked your post, it says something like ‘168 others’, as you can see in the example post below for our Nutella Fudge Brownies.


Create a popular post to increase Facebook likes


Once you have enough likes on a post, click on the ‘168 others’ (the number will change depending on how many likes your post has).  It will then bring up a box showing everyone who has liked your post.  To the right of each name, you will see a box that will either say ‘liked’, ‘invited’ or ‘invite’.  ‘liked’ means that person has already liked your page, ‘invited’ means that you have previously invited that person to like your page.  If the box says ‘invite’, simple click the box and it will send an invite to that person asking them to like your page.  There may be some people that don’t even have a box next to their name, which is simply dependant on their individual Facebook privacy settings.  That’s all there is to it!


Invite to like your Facebook page


So how do I use this technique to increase my Facebook followers by thousands?  Over time I have learnt what my readers do and don’t respond to, so I focus on creating posts that my readers will engage with.  This is something that takes plenty of trial and error, but it gets easier with time.  Not every post will go viral, but those that do attract likes into the hundreds or even thousands, which gives hundreds or thousands of potential new page likers.  I go back to posts a few days after posting, and go through the likes list, inviting anyone who hasn’t already done so to like my page.


Have you had success using this Facebook hack?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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