Huggies Nappies Reader Product Review

Product review of Huggies Nappies by Bargain Mums readers.


We asked Bargain Mums readers on our Facebook page to give us their thoughts on Huggies nappies, as well as a star rating out of 5, with 5 being the highest rating.


Huggies Nappies


Huggies Jumbo Box Price as at 29/12/13 (when not on special)


– Coles Online – $33

– Woolworths Online – $35.48

– Big W – $32.75


Reviews by Bargain Mums readers


Our mums overall gave Huggies nappies an average rating of 3.9 out of 5.  You can read the individual reviews below.


  • 5/5 – Great nappies only ones I use for my kids so you know after a full nights sleep you no they will keep your little ones dry. Nothing worse than your baby waking up due to being wet from a leakage
  • A good trusted brand, nothing to fault. Not the cheapest on the market but definitely get quality for the money. I do wish they would get rid of the Winnie the Pooh design I’m sick of looking at it lol
  • 4/5 – I loved them for my little boy. I never had a problem opposed to other brands I tried. The only thing I had a problem with was that they didn’t go as big as other sizes and my little boy was really tall and solid. So I had to swap brands when he was 18mths.
  • 4/5 – great nappies only problem i had is the sizing they don’t seem to be as big as generic brands!
  • 4.5/5 – Fantastic nappy, took a while to get used to the new design but now we are used to it.
  • 4/5 – Found them to be great, although always need a bigger size for chubby legs. Or they tend to cut into the thighs a little.
  • 5/5 – Love them. Have used them for both children, with no rashes or leakages.
  • 2/5 – Leaves red rub marks on my sons legs. I always thought Huggies were the best and used them for a year before I got a sample from Snugglers. Snuggles are so much better. No rub marks and stretchy waistband is fantastic. Snugglers are 5/5 they never leak either and huggies did leak.
  • I prefer Aldi. However Huggies would be my second choice. I just find the sizes not so great for the shape of my children.
  • 4/5 – The only nappies I will use the only down side is the price
  • 4/5 – Ideal for night time nappies. Use cheaper ones through the day.
  • 4/5 – Love these nappies have used lesser brands and found dd gets nappy rash and red welts so much quicker than huggies. Downside on the price though and would love some older kid designs as dd is 2 now but still in a smaller size would love princess or something.
  • 1/5 – Loved Huggies for DD & couldn’t see why others wouldn’t use them 5/5 however with my son now 5 mths once he used infant I changed brands as they just didn’t seem to fit & kept leaking.
  • 1/5 – I got given huggies nappies in a nappy cake. I didn’t like them. They were small & having a newborn & being sleep deprived (& 2 other kids) i would take my son out of his cot for his feed & forget to change his nappy & it would leak. I like snugglers better.
  • 5/5 – Best nappies on the market. You get what you pay for. Huggies = Quality = dry baby.
    Only ever leaked when too full or sides not flicked out. Both my fault not huggies.
  • Especially excellent for newborns, as the nappy changes colour when wet. Best value and quality on the market, it’s not worth buying the cheaper brands.
  • 2/5 – I found the were big and bulky my little boy has a lot of wet nappies and that makes them twice as big!
  • 5/5 – Love them no other brand compares. I’m a little bit of a Huggies snob lol
  • 5/5 – Love huggies the only time I haven’t used them is sending my son to daycare where they change them every hour otherwise I only use huggies at home
  • 5/5 – All I used mostly when daughter was a newborn so 5/5 for me
  • Have used them for both my kids. Love them when the kids are a bit older, but as babies (up to infant size) I always had leakages, no matter how carefully I put them on I still copped explosions!
  • 5/5 – Having 3 kids I used many brand but Huggies always came out front, especially at night when they start to sleep through there was no leakage like other brands.
  • 5/5 – excellent nappies. Never had a problem
  • 2/5 – Huggies used to be great.. but they seem thinner lately and the tabs rip off
  • 2/5 – Loved the newborn but anything bigger never holds n leaks n the tabs have ripped.
  • 5/5 – Nothing compares
  • 5/5 – Even though they are more expensive they are more reliable too! Worth every penny!!!
  • 5/5 – Absolutely 5/5



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