How to organise your home office with three essentials

ORGANISE YOUR HOME OFFICE with these three essentials, and keep it clutter free for good


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Whether you use your home office to work and run a business from home, or as a place to pay bills and keep your important documents, organising the home office and keeping it that way can be a painful task.  You don’t need endless amounts of storage boxes and folders to get organised; I will show you below how to organise your home office with just three essentials.


Before you even think about hitting the shops to buy those organising essentials, first of all you need to sort through and declutter the room or space.  Most of us end up dumping bills, letters and other important documents in our home office and leaving them there to deal with another day, but how often does life get in the way and you just don’t have the time to deal with them?  Now is the time to gather up all of those pieces of paper and sort through them.  If there us anything you no longer need put it in one pile ready to shred (if it’s confidential) and bin.  Anything that you still need to hang on to, put it aside, ready to deal with a bit later.


Keep going until there is nothing left on your desk but the absolute essentials.  Now that your workspace is clear, it’s time to get organised.  My absolute favourite piece of office equipment is my 3-in-1 HP Deskjet 3632 printer that I picked up from Officeworks for only $39.88.  It’s great to have a reliable colour printer on hand, but it is also a great tool for keeping organised.  There are so many documents we need to keep these days, but who has the space to store them all?  I use the scanning function of the printer to scan anything I want to hang onto, such as bills, invoices and receipts ready for tax time, and store them digitally.  Just be sure you keep a few backups in different places; after all you don’t want to lose your digital copies once you destroy the paper versions.  The printer also happens to have a wireless function, which means I can easily print from my phone or tablet without any cables, perfect for a busy mum running a business from home, like myself.


If you have any remaining papers that you would prefer to keep in paper form, grab a few folders to store them in.  Label each folder so you know exactly what’s inside, and keep tabs on what’s inside to make sure you don’t start to keep things you no longer need.


My second essential is plain white paper.  Even if you scan and store your documents on a digital hard drive, there will still always be some things you need to print.  I also go through massive amounts of paper thanks to my two kids who love to draw, so I need paper that doesn’t cost the earth.  The best value I have found is the Keji brand 500 sheet reams from Officeworks; I picked some up a few days ago for only $3.19 per ream.  It’s great to pick up one ream at a time and still get a great price, unlike other brands that require you to buy a box of 5 reams to get a better price.


No matter if you are running a business or running a family, chances are you need somewhere to jot down a to do list and any other important notes throughout the course of the day.  I always have new ideas popping into my head for Bargain Mums at all hours of the day and night, so I need to have somewhere handy to get them all down before I forget them.  While I love to get the lowest price on everything I buy, I also love pretty things.  I love the Jonathan Adler range from Officeworks for that reason, it ticks both boxes.  I’m currently using the Jonathon Adler ‘for the love of lists’ A5 desk pad ($7.99) to write down any ideas that come into my head, and the Jonathon Adler ‘to do’ notepad, complete with matching pencil ($5.99) to keep a running to do list.


If you have any other little bits and pieces laying around, like pens and other small stationery items, find a few cups or containers to keep them in.  You will find it so much easier to keep your home office organised if everything has a home.


Now that you are armed with your list of must haves, it’s time to hit the shops.  My go to store for any office supplies would have to be Officeworks.  There is no point spending more than you need to, that money is always going to be better off in your pocket.  I always do my research before I buy anything to make sure I am getting the very best price possible, and because Officeworks have price checkers comparing their own price with their competitors twice daily, you can guarantee their prices will be the best, which saves you time and energy going from store to store trying to find the best deal.  If you do happen to find a better price elsewhere, just let the staff at Officeworks know and they will beat that price by 5%.  How good is that!

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