How to create the ultimate Christmas dessert platter




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Platters would have to be the easiest way to feed a crowd.  They are so quick to put together, and are always a hit with guests. Guests just love being able to graze from a platter.



Platters are also a great way to cater for all different tastes.  Create a platter with a range of bits and pieces and you are sure to please all of your guests.





Dessert platters are the perfect way to feed a crowd, and this ultimate Christmas dessert platter is no exception.





This ultimate Christmas dessert platter is no exception.  Not only does it include a range of delicious sweet treats, but it also makes an amazing Christmas table centrepiece.



You can really include anything at all in a dessert platter, but I think this particular dessert platter I have created contains a great mixture of treats that are sure to satisfy the entire family, both young and old.



The best part about this dessert platter is that everything included is pre-made from Woolworths, which means zero time spent baking in the kitchen in the lead up to Christmas Day, and more time spent with family!




How to create a crowd-pleasing Christmas dessert platter



To create this dessert platter, you will need a nice big platter or tray to serve the desserts on.  This particular tray I have used has nice high sides, so I could pile everything up inside. Higher sides also make the dessert platter much easier to transport if Christmas is being held elsewhere.



Now this is the fun part!  Once you have the tray sorted, it’s time to decide what you are going to include in your dessert platter.  I kept my platter simple with the majority of the desserts being bite-sized finger food, along with a Christmas pudding for those who like something a little more traditional.




Nothing says Christmas like a warm Christmas pudding. Try something a little different to traditional fruit pudding, like spiced gingerbread pudding with butterscotch sauce.




You can really get as creative as you like here.  Head to your local Woolies and take a look at the Christmas and bakery sections.  At this time of year, they are sure to be loaded with an endless choice of items perfect for dessert platters.



If you are short on time or don’t feel overly creative, you could always replicate my Christmas dessert platter.  I purchased all the items shown in the dessert platter from my local Woolworths store, and have included them in one handy list below:




Ultimate Christmas dessert platter shopping list






Putting together the Christmas platter



Once you have all the ingredients on hand, this platter is only going to take you a maximum of 30 minutes to put together.  It’s seriously that easy, and you can make this platter as big or small as you need, depending on the number of people you plan to feed.



The first thing I did when putting together my Christmas platter was to prepare the Gold Spiced Gingerbread Pudding.  I wanted to use this pudding as the centrepiece for my platter, so I placed the pudding on a small plate.  



To prepare the pudding, first heat it according to the packet directions.  Then once you have the pudding on a serving plate, simply heat the included glitter filled butterscotch sauce in a cup of boiling water for 1 minute, then drizzle over the top of the pudding. Sprinkle with the included gold stars and it’s done.




Need a dessert to feed a crowd this Christmas? Try this Christmas dessert platter, complete with Christmas pudding and plenty of other sweet treats to keep the whole family happy.




To elevate my pudding above the other items on my platter, I placed a small glass cup upside down in the centre of the serving tray, then placed the pudding plate on top of the glass cup, creating a makeshift small cake stand.



Once the pudding is in place, it’s time to arrange the other items around it.  Most items are fine loosely placed on the tray, but I did use two more glass cups, one for the chocolate wafer sticks and the other for the raspberry Maltesers.



Once you have all the items on the platter, it’s ready to serve.  I have put together a few dessert platters over the past few months, and the reaction when guests see the platter is always worth it!



This Christmas dessert platter is seriously the easiest way to do Christmas desserts.  

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