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How to create a Christmas stockpile

How to create a Christmas stockpile


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It’s no secret that Christmas comes around once a year, but that doesn’t stop the shock of just how expensive Christmas can be every year.



Fortunately, with a little early planning and organisation, the Christmas grocery budget can be kept under control.  When it comes to Christmas, those last minute rushed supermarket trips are always sure to blow the budget.



With less than two months to go until Christmas, now is the time to start planning and getting organised for the festive season.




Fortunately, with a little early planning and organisation, the Christmas grocery budget can be kept under control.  When it comes to Christmas, those last minute rushed supermarket trips are always sure to blow the budget.




What is stockpiling


You might have heard of stockpiling, but if not, it’s a method many people use to cut down the cost of their grocery shopping.  It involves flicking through the supermarket catalogues each week, and stocking up on any often used items that are half price.  



A few of each item are usually purchased, and these are kept aside in a cupboard ready to use when needed.  The idea is that this saves money as they item was purchased when 50% off, as opposed to buying a product only when you have run out of something, when that item might be on the supermarket shelves at full price.



What is a Christmas stockpile


A Christmas stockpile follows a similar concept, but with the end goal of gradually buying everything needed for the festive season in the lead up to Christmas.



Rather than doing one big supermarket shop just days before Christmas, the festive grocery shopping is spread out across the two or so months before Christmas.  This makes it much easier to budget, spreading out a shopping bill that might have been many hundreds of dollars across multiple weeks.



Creating a Christmas stockpile also has the added benefit of having Christmas goodies in the pantry for those many events across the festive season, such as school class parties and last minute BBQ invites.  Being prepared helps eliminate the stress that goes along with the busy festive season.


Your Christmas stockpile doesn’t necessarily just have to include food items either.  Supermarkets like Woolworths, have such an amazing range of Christmas decorations that you can also easily add one of two decor items to your grocery shop each week.  Then when it’s time to put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house, you already have everything you need.



How to create a Christmas stockpile



You could easily just grab a few items off the shelf each grocery shop, but chances are you will end up with a whole heap of food that you may not actually eat.  The best way to go about creating a Christmas stockpile is to decide exactly what you need first.



Start by focusing on your plans over the Christmas season.  Are you hosting Christmas at your house this year, or will you instead be visiting friends and family in their own homes?  How much food you need in your stockpile will depend on your festive season plans.



Also, think about Christmas gifts, food items you might need to bring when visiting others along with simply having the family at home from work and school during the Christmas holidays.  Festive treats shouldn’t simply be reserved for Christmas Day.



Once you have sorted out your Christmas calendar, you can then use the events in the calendar to create your Christmas grocery shopping list.  You will find that some items are best purchased in the week leading up to Christmas, such as hams and fresh produce, so these items might be best written on a seperate section of the list.  



In saying that, plenty of items can also be frozen, so now is the perfect time to also start stocking up on meat that is suitable for freezing.



You should also be sure to add to your list any extras household items you might need if you have guests coming to stay, such as toilet paper, toiletries and cleaning products.  These are items you will eventually use anyway so there is no harm in adding a few extras to your grocery shop.  



Once you have your grocery list, highlight any non-perishable items.  These are the items you want to start purchasing now. Take the list with you each time you visit the supermarket, and add a few items off your list to your trolley.



Items like mince pies, Christmas puddings and savoury snacks are perfect to purchase now and store in the cupboard.



I do my weekly grocery shopping at Woolworths and have found that they gradually release Christmas items as Christmas draws nearer.  That means that each week, there are a few new items to add to my Christmas stockpile.



I have given you a little peek into the beginnings of my Christmas stockpile above.  So far I have added:





The Woolworths Christmas range packaging this year is so pretty that the Christmas treats also make the perfect gift.  Simply pop a few together in a basket or gift box and you have a Christmas gift that is sure to please anyone.



To note, Christmas products are available whilst stocks last. 



Christmas stockpile tips



Ready to make a start on your Christmas stockpile?  Keep these tips in mind :



  • Create a Christmas grocery list and carry it with you each time you grocery shop.  Be sure to cross off items as you purchase them to avoid doubling up.
  • Keep an eye out for gifts as you are doing your weekly grocery shop.  Christmas treats make perfect gifts for those hard to buy for people.
  • Don’t forget to add household items like toiletries and cleaning products to your stockpile.  No-one wants to be caught short when guests are over and the shops are shut on a public holiday.
  • Flick through the Woolworths catalogue each week and add any half price grocery items that you might need in your stockpile.  This will help keep the grocery bill lower.

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