How shopping online can earn you money

How shopping online can earn you money


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Cashback websites have been extremely popular overseas for a while now, and finally Australia has it’s own version.  It super easy to use, requires no effort whatsoever on your behalf, and best of all, it’s free!  Read on to find out how shopping online can earn you money using PricePal.

How does it work?


You are probably wondering at this stage exactly how PricePal works?  You can earn money simply by signing up, logging into the PricePal website and clicking the links taking you to each online store, but the app is a million times easier again.  If you go for the app option you can still earn cashbacks by access stores via the website, but you also get the benefit of the app finding cashbacks on your behalf every time you browse the internet.


Start by heading to the PricePal website and downloading the app (go for the app option, I promise you are going to love it).  Once the app is installed in your internet browser, every time you search for something in Google and a PricePal cashback site is listed in the search results, a orange banner will pop up above that result alerting you to the cashback you will receive if you purchase from that particular site.  Check out my example below; We are taking a family trip to Singapore toward the end of this year and so I was searching for Singapore hotels.  If I book my hotel through Hotelclub or Expedia I get money back, which can add up to a significant amount on something like a hotel booking, besides it’s basically money for doing nothing!


PricePal review

The app will also alert you when you land on a website that offers a cashback.  Once again the orange banner will appear at the top of the page.  Just click the activate button and the app will tell you how much of a cashback you will receive from every purchase, plus any specials or coupons currently available.  How good is that!


PricePal review

There are over 700 retailers currently offering cashbacks through PricePal including Living Social, Groupon, Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Apple, Bonds, Coles, Virgin Airways, so there is a good chance you will be earning money from shopping on website you would have already been using.  PricePal then keeps track of your cashbacks, and pays them to you at the end of each month.

How to get started


It’s super easy to get started with PricePal, just sign up and follow the prompts to download the web app.  Bargain Mums is pleased to announce that we’ve negotiated a gold level upgrade to PricePal for you! (Normally members of the public join at the white level.) This means that you’ll receive a greater percentage cash back with each transaction you make.


Gold membership is available to Bargain Mums for the next week– you don’t pay anything to sign up either. To take up this offer and start getting paid to shop simply click here!



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