How I halved my electricity bill

After receiving some huge bills it was time to actively try reduce our electricity usage, and it worked! Find out how we halved our electricity bill.


Wondering how I halved my electricity bill?  Read on to find out exactly how!  Most of us battle with high electricity prices, but lately I decided enough was enough.  We have a decent size solar system on our roof, but our electricity bills were still coming in at between $200 and $400 per quarter, depending on the time of year.  We had bills in the past that were a credit thanks to our solar, and I wanted to go back to that.  After all, who doesn’t want to open a bill where the electricity retailer owes you money, and not the other way around.


The first quarter after putting a few changes in place resulted in a $55 credit which I was extremely happy about.  After feeling like watching our electricity usage was actually worth the effort, we tried even harder and ended up with a bill where we used half as much electricity as we had in the same quarter last year.  So how did we do it?


We packed away energy hungry appliances

A few years back I purchased a robotic vacuum cleaner, and while I absolutely loved it, the battery was starting to loose charge to quickly, plus my toddler wouldn’t leave it alone.  I suspected it was using way too much electricity since it was continuously going back to its dock to charge itself, so I packed the vacuum away.


We reduced our air conditioner usage

Ducted air conditioning can use huge amounts of electricity, but they are essential in some parts of the country, especially here in Adelaide.  We made an effort to cut down our usage by keeping our curtains and blinds shut on hot days, which kept the house cooler for longer.  We used pedestal fans instead of air conditioning whenever it wasn’t too hot but we still wanted to cool down a little, and when we did use the air conditioning, we set it to a higher temperature.


We turned everything off at the switch

We used to leave appliances on standby permanently, as well as leave things like our modem on all night.  We got into the habit of turning everything possible off at the wall once we have finished with it.  While a tv on standby might not use a huge amount of electricity, leaving 10 appliances on standby soon adds up to a pretty significant amount.  It only takes a second to turn switches off, but it could potentially save you thousands of dollars per year.  Those little lights cost a surprising amount to run.


We used appliances at night rather than day

This tip applies more to those with solar, but we made an effort to use energy hungry appliances once the sun went down, rather than during the day.  Our solar was installed back when the rebates were high, meaning we earn $0.52 per kw of electricity that we produce.  Therefore it makes sense for us to use as little as possible during the day when we are producing energy, which means more is fed back into the grid and we earn much more money.  Then, when the sun has gone down and we are no longer generating electricity, we use these appliances, which are powered by electricity from the gird purchased at a much lower rate than we are paid.



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