How I get kids clothes for free

HOW I GET KIDS CLOTHES FOR FREE cutting my budget by thousands of dollars every year www.bargainmums.com.au


Kids clothes can be expensive.  You spend so much money buying new wardrobes each season, only for kids to grow out of the clothes in what seems like an instant.  The way I get free clothes is something our Australian readers can follow exactly, but the idea can be used for stores anywhere around the world that offer a loyalty program, or even using credit cards that offer rewards.  When it comes to loyalty cards and credit card reward points, always be sure that you are buying things you would have bought anyway, and not spending extra money just for the rewards.


If you shop at Coles you have probably heard of Mix Apparel, the Coles owned clothing retailer that is featured in some Coles stores as well as online.  They sell clothing for men, women, children and babies, and of course being part of Coles means you can earn Flybuys points from these purchases, as well as redeem Flybuys points on these purchases.  If you redeem your points for Flybuys dollars you will typically get $10 to spend for every 2000 points, but if you instead redeem your 2000 points for Mix Apparel vouchers, you will get $20 to spend.  Since we need both food and kids clothes, it made sense to me to get double the value by redeeming my points for clothing vouchers rather than food vouchers.


By taking advantage of bonus point offers I get via email, post and at the end of receipts, I can sometimes get 4000+ points from a single weekly grocery shop, which equates to $40 in Mix Apparel vouchers.  There is an option to redeem Flybuys points for both in store only or online only vouchers, depending on which suits your shopping habits best.


Once you have your vouchers, you can make them go even further by shopping the clearance racks.  My local Coles always had at least 1 clearance rack packed full with out of season (and sometimes even in season) items of clothing.  I have at times picked up kids summer shorts and shirts for only $2 each, which gives you amazing value for your (free) money.  You can always buy in the next size or 2 up and put them away for next year.  If you are shopping online just click the ‘sale’ tab in the menu bar.  By using this system I manage to cloth my kids in good quality, fashionable clothing for nothing, saving me hundreds of dollars every year.  All I have to do is my regular grocery shop.


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