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How being organised can save you money

How being organised can save you money


How being organised can save you money


It’s amazing how being organised can save you money.  Being organised and saving money go hand in hand, after all being organised means you won’t be paying bills late, it cuts out clutter, and means your meals are planned ahead of time.  Here are a few tips to get you started:


Organise your bills


Setting up a system to ensure your bills get paid on time is so important.  There are many ways you can do this, and they won’t all suit your situation.  You can schedule your bills to be paid via your online banking as soon as the bill arrives, which works well if you know the money will be in your account when the payment goes through at a future date, and helps if you are forgetful with bills.  Alternatively, as soon as a bill arrives you can mark the payment date on your calendar and file the bill away ready to be paid when payment is due; just make sure you regularly check your calendar.  If you find yourself struggling to find the money when a bill falls due, consider making regular payments, such as a set amount each week or fortnight, which will help you keep on top of payments without having to find large sums of money on payment dates.


Declutter your house


Although the two might not seem related, clutter has a huge effect on your spending habits.  There are a few ways that this happens.  Having too much clutter means you might struggle to find things, and then buy duplicate items without realising you already have that exact item at home.  When your house is clutter free, you can easily see exactly what you have on hand, particularly when it comes to your fridge/freezer and pantry.


Having a clutter free space also has a way of making you feel as though you need less stuff.  Once everything has it’s place, you will find yourself assessing everything when you are out shopping, deciding whether you actually have room for it or not.  Space costs money, and when you have too much stuff you might find yourself starting to think you need a bigger house to store it all in.  Less stuff means more money in your pocket.


Shop at home before hitting the shops


Whenever you feel the urge to head to the shops for something you think you need, take a look around your house first and see if you can find something you already have that will do the job.  This becomes a whole lot easier once you have a clutter free home, and you should then be able to see exactly what you have on hand at a glance.  For example, before you do the grocery shopping, check what you have in your pantry.  There is no point buying yet another can of chopped tomatoes if you already have 5 sitting in your pantry at home.


Find hidden cash


It’s amazing how much cash can get lost around the house when you are not organised.  Gift cards get lost, coins get hidden and cheques get put aside and forgotten about.  Have a special spot for cash, cheques and gift cards so you always know where they are.  Always check the expiry dates on gift cards, as you will often only have a year or so to spend them.


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