How to get free groceries – Aldi Testers Club

Want free groceries? Sign up to the Aldi Home Testers Club and get free groceries for a year.

If you love Aldi, and want free groceries (who wouldn’t), you need to check out the Aldi Testers Club.  Aldi created the club in 2015 as a way to test the quality of their own products through the eyes of Aldi shoppers.

What is the Aldi Testers Club

So how does the Testers Club work?  Aldi picks 100 shoppers that have applied for the club, who then get to sample and rate Aldi products for 1 year.  Members get a free box of groceries every 3 months, containing 10 Aldi items to review, so 4 boxes all up for the duration of the year.  They are then given 2 months to try and submit reviews on those products.  To remain a member of the club for the entire year, members need to review at least 50% off the contents of each box just incase some items are not suitable for each member yo trial, but it’s super easy to opt out at any stage.

How to apply

It’s easy to apply for the club, just head to the Aldi Testers Club website and submit an online application form. Aldi take new applications once a year, so if the club is not currently open to new applicants just check back regularly until they are.  Don’t worry though, if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram we will let you know when applications open again so you won’t miss out.

Aldi will then go through all of the applications and choose the most suitable 100.  If you are one of the lucky chosen applicants, you then automatically get your first box sent out.

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