Don’t cook every night – Money saving tip

Money saving tip don't cook every night


Don’t cook every night – This is as much tip about saving money as it is about saving time.  I absolutely love cooking and spending time in my kitchen, but as a stay at home mum of two while also running this website full time, there are days when the last thing I feel like doing is cooking dinner.  On those days when cooking dinner is one thing I can’t be bothered with, I don’t cook!  There are two ways to do this, and I personally use a combination of the two.


Cook double and eat it over two nights


This is not for everyone; I know that some people are really against eating the same meal two nights in a row.  Personally, It just doesn’t bother me, if it’s a meal I love, I have no issue with eating it two nights in a row.  Plus, I’m just happy to be eating something that only took a few minutes to reheat.  This doesn’t work with every meal, but if it’s something that keeps ok in the fridge overnight and reheats well, I will usually make a double batch.  We then eat one half that night, and the next half the next night.  This means I only cook every second night, saving me time and money, since I only need to use a small amount of energy to reheat the meal, as opposed to cooking a whole meal the second night.


Cook double and freeze half


If you don’t like to eat the same thing twice in a row, this is the time saving method for you!  I often cook double (at least) batches of meals, eat one portion that night, and then freeze the remainder.  I love having a freezer stocked with pre-prepared meals, there i nothing better than reaching into the freezer for a pre-cooked dinner after a busy day.  It saves on takeaway or eating out too, since it’s probably quicker to pull something out of the freezer and pop it in the microwave than it is to venture out for takeaway, which removes that urge to resort to takeaway.


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