DIY marble tabletop

Turn a worn out table into something amazing with this DIY faux marble tabletop tutorial


We are busy at the moment getting our house ready for sale towards the end of this year, and while I want our house to be styled as well as possible, some of our furniture is looking a little worn.  We have bedside tables from Super Amart that we love, but the tops are a little scratched from years worth of use.  Rather than replacing the entire bedside tables, especially when they are still in perfect condition other than the scratches, I thought I would just fix up the tops.  I could have just revarnished the wood, but i’m loving the current marble trend, so I wanted to give them a marble top instead.


Obviously real marble is just not feasible when working with a budget, so I did a little research and discovered self adhesive marble covering from Kmart that is perfect for what I needed.  It comes on a roll just like contact you would use to cover school books, but is super glossy and has a lovely marble pattern through it, that looks surprisingly real.  I have to admit, I was a little worried at how the cover would go on, since I am terrible at covering school books, but I shouldn’t have worried, it went on perfectly.  Since I am so thrilled with the results, I thought I would share exactly how easy it is to do.  It can be used to cover any sort of table top, and I have even seen it be used to recover kitchen bench tops.


You will need

1 roll of marble self adhesive cover (this gave me enough to cover 2 bedsides with plenty left over – purchased from Kmart

Ruler – for smoothing down contact


Sharp blade


DIY Marble Tabletop

Step 1 – First give your tabletops a good wipe down with a damp cloth.  You want your tables to be free of any dust or dirt.  Let dry completely.


Step 2 – Measure your tabletop and cut the adhesive film to size, leaving a little extra to ensure a good fit.  You will cut of any excess film after.


Step 3 – Peel a little of the backing paper off the film, and place into position on one edge of the tabletop.  You might need someone to peel the backing while you smooth the film.  Slowly pull the backing, while smoothing the film down with a ruler as you go, much like covering a book.  Continue until the tabletop is completely covered.


Step 4 – Working on one edge at a tim, pull the film over the side of the tabletop, and stick down, once again using a ruler to smooth the film.  Use a sharp blade (or scissors if you prefer) to cut the film where the corners meet.  Repeat on all side.


It’s as easy as that!


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