DIY Chocolate Buttons

DIY Chocolate buttons

How adorable are these DIY Chocolate buttons?!  They are so simple to make, and are a great activity for kids on a rainy day.  Kids especially enjoy and the food colouring to the chocolate to make these pretty colours, and even experimenting with mixing the food colours to make different button colours.  They look great on birthday cakes as well as cupcakes and cookies, and would be the perfect addition to any Lalaloopsy themed birthday party.

To make these buttons, we use this chocolate button mould from ebay.  You will also need chocolate, either cooking or ordinary chocolate.  You can use dark or milk chocolate, as well as white which is perfect as a base for coloured chocolate.  If you are making coloured buttons you will also need some food colouring powder.  Don’t try to use ordinary liquid food colouring, as this is water based and will make your chocolate seize up, making it impossible to work with.  Powdered food colouring is oil based, and therefore mixes well into the chocolate without affecting its texture.

Making the buttons is super easy.  Start by melting your chocolate; I place mine in the microwave in short bursts until the chocolate has melted, mixing each time.  If you are colouring your chocolate, add the powder as soon as the chocolate is fully melted, and stir until the chocolate is evenly coloured.  Then spoon small amounts of chocolate into each button in the mould.  Place the mould in the fridge to set, which will only take a few minutes.  The chocolate buttons will pop out of the mould easily once set.  Repeat this process as many times as is necessary, depending on how many buttons you require.

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